Custard cream

250ml milk

110ml egg yolk

100g sugar

10ml rum

​1/2 vanilla pod

Chocolate sauce

250ml milk

40g cocoa

80g glucose

50g sugar

120g Mexican dark chocolate

Banana cream

450g bananas

100ml water

100g sugar

1/2 lemon

40g glucose

130g white chocolate

4g jelly

50g cocoa butter

450ml cream

Fake banana

480ml coconut milk

40g sugar


2.5g agar agar

Vanilla ice cream

700ml milk

300ml cream

20g powder milk

160g sugar

140ml egg yolks

4g stabilizer

1 vanilla pod


Custard cream

Mix egg yolks and sugar. Bring milk to the boil with vanilla.Add the egg yolks and sugar mixture to milk and bring them to 80C. Add the rum at the end.

Chocolate sauce

Bring milk, cocoa, glucose, sugar to the boil and then add chocolate.

Banana cream

Melt chocolate and cocoa butter together. Bring banana, water, sugar, lemon and glucose to the boil, then melt the jelly in and emulsify with chocolate and cocoa butter that were previously melted.Mix cold cream in at the end.

Fake banana

Mix the agar agar and pour in the coconut milk and mango. Bring them to the boil andwhen they reach 60C pour them into a banana skin with asac à poche(pastry bag).

Vanilla ice cream

Mix powder milk, sugar, stabilizer and then add them to the cream, milk and vanilla. At the end add the yolk at 70C and bring it to 85C.

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