Red mullet

2 red mullets

Olive oil




Tomato stock

1,5 kg tomatoes

1 litre water

1/2 garlic bulb

125 g basil

10 g thyme

50 ml champagne vinegar

50 ml white balsamic

50 g sugar

80 g salt

4 g peppercorns

2 g aniseed

6 cl gin


Mashed potatoes

300 g potatoes

50 g cream

50 g milk

20 g butter

Salt, nutmeg

40 g herbs

Mashed thyme

200g potatoes

20-25g beurre noisette



fresh thyme


2 fresh artichokes

Olive oil


Tomato chips

Affila cress

Scales of the red mullets


Red mullet

Remove the scales of the fish (don`t throw the scales away, you need them for the decoration). Dry the scales and fry them shortly in olive oil. Fillet the fish and roast it gently on the side of the skin. Add butter, rosemary and thyme.

Tomato stock

Mix all ingredients, except the Xanthan, together. Sieve overnight through a cloth and collect the tomato water in a cup. Use the Xanthan to thicken the stock.

Mashed potatoes

Boil the potatoes. Gently heat cream, milk and butter and flavour with salt and nutmeg. Pass the boiled potatoes through a sieve and add the milk-cream mix. Stir the mass with an egg whisk and add the herbs. Taste and pass it through a sieve again.

Mashed thyme

Boil the potatoes with the paring and then peel them. Bruise them with a fork and add butter, salt, nutmeg and thyme.


Wash two fresh artichokes and grill them in olive oil.

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