Serves 1


5 red crayfish

20gyoghurt light

25gburrata from Andria

25ggreen apple

25ggreen asparagus

30gfois gras


Thyme oil

Mixed herbs

Squeeze of lemon

Fois gras

800gfois gras

100gfine salt

120gsugar cane

1orange juice

1 small glass of brandy

Thyme, coursely groundpepper

3 cardamom pods

3 star anise

Fresh mint

Gin Tonic

¼ Gin Mare

¾ tonic water

1 bunch of rosemary



Fois gras

Pierce the fois gras with a small cour de dents. Keep the fois grasimmersed in milk for 12 hours after that dry well and marinate for 7 hours in the remaining ingredients. When ready to use,rinse with fresh water anddry well before cutting intoportions.

To serve

Season the crayfish with thyme oil, salt and Sanchopepper. Make a tartare from two the crayfish with the green apple and chives. Place this on top of apple ‘fan’ slices.For the second part prepare a crayfish carpaccio from the remaining two crayfish. This can be presented with the burrata and topped with fresh lemon and mixed herbs.

Then place 3 cubes of 5gfois gras, along with the yoghurt,aniseand lime onto a place. Serve this as pictured with the crayfish head, 3 asparagus tips and 2 quenelles of caviar. Top with another sprinkling of herbs and seasoning before serving.