Serves 16


Apple parfait

225g yolk

225g sugar

45g water

1.5 litre apple juice

Apple essence

450g whipped cream

4 leaves gelatine


1kg flour

500g sugar

250g butter

Hazelnut cake

260g g hazelnuts

240g butter

225g icing sugar

8 eggs

150g flour


2 tins condensed milk

Dark chocolatebark

300g 70% dark chocolate

Apple jelly

1 litre apple juice

1 litre green apple puree

132g gelatine


Apple parfait

Reduce the apple juice to 150 ml. Boil the sugar andwater to 118°C. Make a pate de bomb. Add theapple reduction, essence and bloomed gelatin. Whip until thick and cold. Fold in thewhipped cream. Put into half sphere moulds and freeze. Once frozen, scoop out the centre and fill with the toffee. Return to the freezer. Once the halfs are all frozen, demould and stickthe2 halfs together to form the apple balls.


Mix all theingredients in a bowl to bread crumb stage, then bake at 160°C until golden brown.

Hazelnut cake

Cream the butter and sugar. Add thehazelnuts and flour. Add theeggs bake at 160°C for 15-20 mins.


Boil the tins of condensed milk for 3 hours.Allow to chill and fill a piping bag.

Dark chocolate bark

Temper the chocolate and spread on marble. Scrape into shavings.

Apple jelly

Blend the juice and puree, then pass the two;you should be left with 1.5l of fluid. Heat a little of the mix with thebloomed gelatin. Dip the parfait balls and top with a stick of vanilla to replicate the stalk.

To serve

Remove the parfait from the freezer 10 mins before serving. Spoon the crumble into a serving bowl,place the apple parfait into the centre, garnish with broken pieces of the hazelnut sponge and the tempered chocolate bark.