Serves 4



600g coconut beans

5g form chard, cooked in vinegar until soft

5g tempeh starter


400g green beans

10g rice whip

4g agar agar

Drilling dust

200g green beans

20g coconut beans, cooked

Bean jelly

1kg green beans

100ml white wine

200g shallots

500ml vegetable stock

2% Agar Agar

1kg snake beans

5g savory


300g coconut beans, cooked

3.2kg tomatoes (dried + stock)

1 drop of lavender oil



Allow beans to cool to 33°Cmaximum and allow to dry. Mix thoroughly with tempeh starter and place in pasteurised vacuum bags. Let mature at 33°C for about 24-36 hours and let cool at room temperature and stretch.


Blanch the green beans and extract the juice, then bring to the boil with Agar Agar, fold in the RiceWhip and bottle it.

Drilling Dust

Chop the green beans and boil them. Mince the coconut beans with a grinder and crumble them. Fry the green beans in a pan and add the coconut beans.

Bean Jelly

Blanch the green beans. Cut the shallots into julienne, sauté and deglaze with white wine vinegar. Add the vegetable stock and season to taste with salt. Pour it hot over the green beans and let stand overnight. Then juice everything, thicken with 2% Agar Agar and then mix.


Lightly boil the coconut beans withtomato water and lavender oil. If necessary, thicken with coconut bean flour. Add a small tomato tongue. I like using Kalhari salt.