Serves 15


Chicken on Toast
3cornfed chickens

Duck fat

Chopped sage

2 onions finely diced

Grated lemon zest



15% brine

5 slices of wholemeal bread

Clarified buter

Chicken Liver Parfait

300g chicken livers (de-veined and soakedin milk)

160g butter

Cognac to deglaze

25ml d cream

2 shallots diced finely

100ml port

100ml cognac

Quince Purée


50g butter

3 tsp mixed spice

100ml apple juice



Chicken skin crisps

Mustard frill cress

Reduced chicken jus

Pickled onions

Nasturtium leaves


Chicken on Toast
Remove the breasts , and the skin (keep them ) and brine for 30 mins.

Wash off and dry, in a robot coupe blend to a smooth paste, then place in vac pac bags and seal, roll out thin to ½ cm thick and then poach in water bath at 64°C for 20 mins, after chill in ice bath. Allow the legs to salt for few hours and then confit till tender.

Flake the meat and mix.Sweat the diced onion and sage until soft, add the lemon zest and season.Mix into the leg mix and add 2 eggs then place in the bags and roll out to 1cm thick.Seal and chill under a weighted tray

Once both are chilled remove from the bags and sandwich together then re-bag, seal and press. Cut rectangles of bread and then top with a slice of the meat pressing (same size).

To serve in clarified butter colour the bread and then place on a tray and bake in the oven for 5-6 mins to set the pressing and warm through.

Chicken Liver Parfait
Reduce the shallots and the port and cognac until dry, keep till needed. Melt the butter and allow cool slightly; it should be warm.

Wash the soaked livers well and dry, in a hot pan fry the livers in oil until still medium-rare;don’t overcook.

Deglaze with splash of cognac and then place in the blender, add the shallot reduction, blend and add the butter slowly, add the cream and season with the pink salt, salt petre and regular salt to taste, once smooth pass through a chinoise and allow to set in the fridge till needed.

Quince Purée
In a pan add the butter, the peeled and sliced quince and sweat for 5 mins, add the mixed spice and increase the heat and fry for 5 mins to get a light golden colour, add the apple juice to deglaze and then add the water to just cover. Cook until the quince is tender and then blend the quince until smooth, adding some of the liquid if required. Pass and store.

Cook the salted skin in water and aromats until just tender, drain, scrape any excess meat or sinew, then dehydrate, to finish deep fry and season.