Serves 10


Pigeon Royale

5 pigeons royale

2 celeries

5 garlic heads

100ml mead

50ml demi-glace

3kg salt

100ml egg whites

200g duck fat

100g butter

150ml single (20%) cream

Neck of Wild Boar

2kg neck of wild boar

300ml + 200ml red wine

50g carrots

50g celery

50g root parsley

100g onions

3g juniper

20 topinambours

5 beetroots

10 potatoes

500g raspberries

100g sugar

10 pears in vinegar

100ml demi-glace

20ml cherry vinegar

250g butter


Pumpkin Panna Cotta

500ml single (20%) cream

500ml + 500 ml whole (3.2%) milk

2kg + 3kg pumpkin

10 leaf gelatine

50g orange peel

120g egg yolks

200g + 100g + 500g sugar

1 vanilla stick

100g pumpkin seeds

20ml pumpkin seed oil

20g cloves

50g maltodextrin

Mushroom Parfait

350g boletus

350g porcini

50g shallot

250ml whipping (33%) cream

5 sheets leaf gelatine

10 g Salt


50 fresh mussels

250ml white wine

10 small whole porcini mushrooms

125ml rice vinegar

225ml + 220ml water

60g sugar

15g albumin

30g dried porcini

150g parsley leaves

200ml grape seed oil

King Scallop Fricassee

20 scallops

5 carrots

5 celeries

50 crayfish

100g black lentils

100g parsley leaves

100g dill

100g chervil

100g shallots

300ml fish stock

50ml white wine

100ml single (20%) cream

1l vegetable stock



Prawn Ravioli

500g Semolina flour

6 eggs

75ml milk

5g salt

300g prawns

175ml single (20%) cream

450g cod

30g chives

60 mussels

60 crayfish

100ml white wine

50g tapioca

6g cephalopod ink

1l dashi stock

100ml bisque sauce


Pigeon Royale

Separate breasts with wings and legs from the rest of the pigeon then clean them carefully. Keep the rest for the sauce.

Vacuum pack the legs together with duck fat and boil in 71°C for 2 hours, then oven bake. Fry the breasts in pre-heated oil on both sides, at the end add butter and caramelise.

Whip the egg whites and add all salt. Carefully wash the celeries and cover them with egg whites and salt so that there are no gaps. Oven bake for 2 hours at 190°C.

Vacuum pack the garlic and boil for 40 days in 60°C until black. Cool down and remove all skin. Stir-fry in oil and baste with some vegetable stock. Melt the butter and cream. Mix the garlic and slowly pour the cream first followed by the butter that will thicken the mixture.

Pour the mead into a pan, bring to boil and flambe to remove alcohol. Add to demi-glace and bring to boil. Clean the celery and cut it into irregular pieces, then caramelise it in butter.

To serve, place 5 pieces of caramelised celery on the plate with little ‘dots’ of black garlic puree in between. On top, put half of pigeon breast and whole leg. Pour some mead sauce on top and decorate with herbs.

Neck of Wild Boar
Marinate the wild boar in red wine, vegetables and juniper for 24 hours. Vacuum-pack and cook for 24 hours in 64°C.

Wrap the topinambours and beetroots in foil, each one separately with butter and salt. Bake in 190°C for 20-40 minutes, then cool. Peel and the beetroots and cut them into irregular shapes, cut the topinambours in halves.

Tip the raspberries into a pan, add sugar and boil. When all raspberries are soft, mix and sieve to obtain a smooth puree and sprinkle lightly with red wine.

Cool the wild boar, cut into portions and fry on both sides. Fry the topinambour in oil on both sides and caramelise with butter. Fry the beetroot in oil then add butter and honey to caramelise. Cut the pears in quarters. Carefully wash the potatoes, boil them for a moment, cool and slice. Fry on both sides until golden. Tip the wine into a pan, bring to boil and flambe to remove alcohol. Pour into demi-glace and season with cherry vinegar.

To serve, smudge the raspberry puree in the middle of the dish. Place the wild board portion on top, followed by caramelised topinambour, beetroots in honey and potatoes. Pour the sauce on top, add pears and decorate with herbs.

Pumpkin Panna Cotta

Clean the first pumpkin, cut into smaller pieces and oven bake in 190°C for 15 minutes. Mix with orange peel and sieve. Season to taste with salt and sugar. Bring milk and cream to boil and add half of the pumpkin puree. Liquidize the gelatine and add to the mixture. Pour into forms and cool down.

Using milk, egg yolks, sugar and vanilla prepare sauce anglaise. Cool down, tip into pre-frozen ice cream maker and pound. Towards the end add the other half of the pumpkin puree and continue pounding, then freeze the ready mixture.

Clean the second pumpkin and cut into small pieces. Place in a pan, add sugar, cloves and water. Slow cook for 2 hours then freeze. When frozen, put onto a lined sieve and store in a cool place until the essence has dropped.

Use 100g of sugar to prepare caramel, add pumpkin seeds and mix. Wait until cool and crumb. Add maltodextrin to pumpkin seed oil and quickly mix to join them.

To serve, place a portion of pumpkin mousse in the middle of a soup dish and put the caramel seeds around it. Serve the consommé in a separate glass. Place a scoop of pumpkin ice cream on top of the mousse and dust with pumpkin oil powder. The ready dish can be decorated with either small pumpkin meringues or pumpkin slices marinated in vinegar and orangeMushroom Parfait
Puree the boletus, porcini and shallot. Stir fry the shallot, add mushrooms and continue frying until golden. Season to taste. Baste with vegetable stock and boil to let evaporate. Mix and sieve, then cool down.

Whip the cream and mix with mushroom puree, setting aside 50g for meringues. Join the mixture with liquidised gelatine and pour into the form. Let cool down and cut into desired shapes.

Pre-heat a pan, add mussels, white wine and cover tightly. Boil for 2 minutes until the mussels open. Pour onto a sieve and cool down.

Whisk the albumin with water and add the rest of the mushroom puree. Use a piping bag to form small meringues. Dry for 6 hours in 60°C.

Blanch the whole porcini. Use the vinegar, salt, sugar and water to make a sauce, cool until tepid and pour over the porcini. Pulverise dried porcini and sieve to obtain smooth dusting.

Blanch the parsley and remove excess water. Mix with oil at 60°C for 9 minutes. Sieve the mixture through cotton cloth to obtain clear green oil.

To serve, place a piece of parfait in the centre of the dish with mussels, meringues, pickled mushrooms and the powder around it. Decorate with parsley oil and wild herbs.

King Scallop Fricassee
Peel the carrots and the celery and cut into diamonds, then blanch them. Chop half of the shallot finely and stir fry in oil. While frying, add lentils and the vegetable stock and boil until al dente, then cool down.

Bring the fish stock to boil then add cream and white wine. Season to taste. Bring to boil again then switch off. Blanch the herbs and stir fry with the other half of shallot. Add the fish stock mixture and boil for a moment. Mix and liquidise to obtain a smooth puree. Season to taste. Add carrots and celery diamonds and scallops, each broken into four pieces. Add nage sauce to the cold lentils and re-heat.

Place the lentil fricassee in the middle of the soup dish, place the scallops and the vegetables on top. Put the crayfish and herb puree spots around the edges. Blend the rest of the sauce until it reaches foam consistency and put on top of the scallops. Decorate with herbs.Prawn Ravioli

Knead the pasta using flour, eggs, milk and salt. Rest the pasta in the fridge for 4 hours.

Cut the prawns into small pieces. Split the cod into two parts, one 300g and 150 the other. Cut the 300g cod piece into cubes, the smaller part join with single cream and mix until smooth mixture. Mix the prawns, the cod cubes and the mixture together. Chop the chives finely and add to the stuffing and sprinkle with salt.

Split the stuffing into equal portions, around 80g each and roll into little balls. Clean the crayfish and the mussels and smoke them in the smoking oven. Bring the dashi stock to boil, add tapioca and boil for further 40 minutes until tapioca is transparent. Cool down and mix with the cephalopod ink.

Roll the pasta dough finely and cut into large circles. Place one ball of stuffing in the middle of the dough circle, cover with another and stick together. Boil for 6 minutes. In the meantime, bring bisque sauce to boil and re-heat the smoked crayfish and mussels in white wine.

At the bottom of the plate place 1 spoon of black tapioca, place crayfish and mussels around it. Place the ravioli on top. Mix bisque sauce until it reaches consistency of the foam and pour onto the dish. Decorate with herbs.

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Photo byJulian Redondo