Curing the pork belly

700g piece pork belly

75g salt

35g sugar

2 black peppercorns

1 litre water

1 bay leaf

1 sprig thyme

½ medium carrot, cut into 1 inch pieces

½ leek, white only, cut into 1 inch pieces

½ small onion, cut into 1 inch pieces

Cookingthe pork belly

1 brined pork belly

1 sprig thyme

1 bay leaf

5 peppercorns

300ml chicken stock


1 octopus

100ml olive oil

Dulse Pickle

125g dulse, chopped

100ml water

25ml Sauterne wine

10ml white wine vinegar

7g sugar

½ tsp salt

3 peppercorns

1 bay leaf

Confit lemon

4 large un-waxed Italian lemons

100g caster sugar

5g salt

Mussel consommé

3kg mussels

1 litre white wine

100ml vegetable oil

40ml dark soy

80ml mirin


Crispy pork skin

Sea herbs


Curing the pork belly

Mix the salt, sugar and peppercorns in a large container.Heat about 250ml of the water and add the dry mixture, stirring to dissolve to make a brine.Add the remaining water, vegetables and herbsChill the brine

Remove the skin from the pork belly and reserve.Add the pork belly to the brine and refrigerate overnight.Remove the pork from the brine and brush off the extra seasoning.

Cookingthe pork belly

Place the pork in an oven safe dish with all remaining ingredients.Cook at 140°C for 4-5 hours.Once cooked, remove from oven and press overnight then refrigerate.Remove any excess fat from the top of the meat, leaving a thin layer of fat.Finish the pork belly by cutting it in straight-edged blocks.Roast on a high heat in a frying pan, skin-side down until crispy.


Remove tentacles from the octopus.Boil the octopus whole for 1 hour 45 minutes with the olive oil.When cooked, remove from the heat and place in ice cold water to chill down.Using a small knife remove outside skin keeping suckers intact.Individually portion into 6 inch pieces.Lay on grease proof paper until needed

Dulse Pickle

Chop the dulse into 2cm pieces.Place all the ingredients, except the dulse, into a saucepan and bring to a gentle simmer.Remove from the heat and add the dulse.Allow to cool then place in the fridge to marinate for24 hours.

Confit lemon

Cut the lemons into segments with the rind on. Mix with the sugar and salt. Wrap in tin foil and bake in the oven 40 minutes at 140°C.Chill in the fridge and then dice into chunks when ready to serve.

Mussel consommé

Heat a wok until smoking.Add the vegetable oil and once smoking add a handful of mussels and smoke with a blowtorch.Once it stops smoking, add a splash of white wine.Cover with a lid until mussels are cooked and open.Repeat until you have used all the mussels.Add the remaining white wine.Once the mussel stock has smoked, pass through a fine sieve, add the dark soy and mirin and season to taste.Hang in coffee strainer overnight and do not force through.

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Adam Handling at Caxton

Young Scots chef, Adam Handling, has opened Adam Handling at Caxton’ in Caxton Street SW1 and has already taken a coveted three rosettes award from the AA. An interior green wall of seasonal herbs and plants sets the tone for Handling’s complex cooking which provides simple, elemental tastes and textures through a fusion of classical and inventive techniques. The signature restaurant of the St Ermin’s Hotel, the light and airy 72-seat restaurant with private dining room overlooks the hotel’s pretty courtyard garden and offers Handling’s creative a la carte dishes and signature tasting menus for lunch and dinner.

A highly accomplished chef, Adam Handling brings his love of Asian flavours and techniques – particularly Japanese – to his kitchen. His beautifully presented dishes start with careful sourcing of top quality, seasonal ingredients, prepared in a number of different, creative ways to enhance their inherent properties and deliver real depth of flavour and harmony. The youngest person to be tipped by the Caterer magazine as one of the ‘30 under 30 to watch’ in last year’s Acorn Awards, Adam’s meticulous attention to detail was also recognised by the AA in their award of three rosettes at the 2014 AA Hospitality Awards.Adam has also been awarded British Culinary Federation Chef of the Year 2014

Restaurant Adam Handling at Caxton, St Ermins Hotel, 2 Caxton Street, London SW1H 0QW