Poached Pears & Purée

2 Anjou pears

8 fl oz water

4 fl oz white wine

4 fl oz chardonnay vinegar

7 oz sugar

2 star anise

1 cinnamon stick

2 pieces orange peel

1 shallot slice

1 clove garlic


4 fl oz Hazelnut oil

20ml chardonnay vinegar

1 heaped teaspoon Dijon mustard

Pinch of salt & pepper

To Serve

Small wedges of Kikorangi blue cheese

Thinly sliced raw pear with skin on

Small salad leaves that also work are arugula, mustard leaf & kale


Poached Pears & Purée

Peel and core the Anjou pears & discard the peeling & core, then poach whole in the above liquor for 15-20 minutes; when just cooked, take off and leave to cool.

When cold remove from stock & cut into nice presentable pieces (cube or rectangular), put the prepared pear shapes to one side & place the remaining offcuts in a blender with a ¼ scraped vanilla pod & a dash of pear liquor; blend until smooth.

For the red wine poached pears use the same poaching liquor but replace the white wine with red wine & chardonnay vinegar with cabernet sauvignon vinegar in the same quantity, cook the same way only there is no need for a puree so just cut into four length ways, remove any inner stalk or hard pieces.

For best results cook the pears a day before use.


Mix all together well and add a small amount of vanilla seeds

To Serve

Smear the puree along the centre of the plate and arrange the pears on top, place the cheese wedges & salad on the top. Place the raw pear in a bowl and dress with the vinaigrette.Roll the pear up to form a tube like shape; slot in between garnish.

Finally to finish the dishdrizzle some vinaigrette over and around the ingredients & garnish with small picked herbs or a suitable baby leaf.


For extra crunch serve some candied nuts with this and poach the pears in day in advance for great colour.