Haramaki sheet

  • Haramaki Skin

Dulce de Leche

  • 6 cans sweetened condensed milk

Remove the label on the can. Place in a pot of boiling water making sure the cans are well covered by the water. Cool for 3.5 hours in boiling water. Make sure the cans remain covered during the process.

Black Sesame Gelato

  • 1767g milk
  • 504g heavy cream
  • 132g milk powder
  • 120g dextrose
  • 444g sugar
  • 12g ice cream stabilizer
  • 200g black sesame seeds

Blend the milk and toasted black sesame seeds in the blender. Then cook the sesame milk, milk, and half the sugar.At 40C add the second half of the sugar, dextrose, milk powder and ice cream stabilizer.Cool to 37Cand chill over ice bath.Batch freeze in ice cream machine or freeze in paco jet beaker.

Passion Fruit Dipping Sauce

  • 500g passion fruit puree
  • 500g sugar

Combine and reduce on low till it is a thick reduction.

Mise en Place

Cut the harumaki skin diagonal so you have a big triangle. Cut off about a quarter inch of both of the sides of the triangle.
Cut a banana in half and then in half horizontally so you have a thin, long piece. Bruch egg wash along the edge of the harumaki skin (the glue) and then place the piece of banana on the bottom of the triangle. Pipe some dulce de leche on the banana then roll the harumaki. Place each side into the center and then roll it up nicely, tight. Fry till golden brown and plate as in the image.