Serves 4




500g parsnips, peeled

60ml fresh heavy cream

30ml extra virgin olive oil

60g arrowroot starch

100ml mineral water




2l mineral water

2l tucupi

50g katsuobushi

50g kombu, cooled

30g fresh jambú

0.2g xantham for each 200 ml of dashi, optional


To finish

500ml tucupi

Chervil sprouts

Dill sprouts

Jambú flowers

Radish sprouts

Basil leaves

Beet sprouts

Basil flower

Sansho pepper powder




Cook the parsnips in a pan of salted water, then drain and blend into a purée. Heat the cream in a Thermomix then add the parsnip purée, olive oil and salt and mix for a few seconds. Alternatively, place the ingredients in a pan and heat until it forms a well homogenised purée.

Dissolve the arrowroot in the water. Weigh out 500g of the purée then add to the arrowroot. Bring the mixture to a simmer in a pan over a medium heat, stirring constantly until it thickens. Fill a basin with iced water. Place the mixture in an icing bag and, before it cools, pipe strips of the mix into basin, enough for 8 pieces of gnocchi per portion. After cooling, remove the strips from the iced water and cut into gnocchi shaped portions measuring 1.3cm in length. Place the gnocchi in a sealed tupperware with a drop of sunflower seed oil and keep in the refrigerator until required.



Place the tucupi in a pan and allow it to reduce while preparing the rest of the dashi. Place the water and the cooled kombu algae in a pan over a low heat. Cook for 45 minutes, being careful not to allow the water to boil. Remove the kombu from the water and add the katsuobushi. Infuse for a few seconds and strain the liquid through a fine chinois. Add the tucupi and jambú to the mixture and cook for a further 30 minutes over a low heat. Strain through a clean chinois and cool in an inverted water bath. Weigh the contents and add the xantham (if using) and mix well. Place in the refrigerator or freeze until required.


To finish

Heat the tucupi in a pan and add the gnocchi, being careful not to
allow it to reach boiling point. Heat the dashi and set aside. Remove the gnocchi from the tucupi using a slotted metal spoon and place 8 pieces of gnocchi per portion onto a plate with a deep centre. Place a different herb or sprout over each gnocchi. Cover with the dashi then season with the sansho pepper and serve immediately.