Beef rillete

3kg beef cheeks

Qs Mire poix

1l red wine

2l veal stock

1l chicken stock

200g wild mushrooms

Qs chopped truffle

2kg braised meat

200g egg white

Qs chopped parsley

Qs parma ham

Burnt onion emulsion

Onions – burnt and dehydrated

Vegetable oil

50g egg yolks

Qs vinegar

Qs seasoning

Pickled raddish

Bunch of breakfast raddish

100ml white wine

100ml water

50ml white wine vinegar

25g sugar

Thyme, bayleaf

Veal Tartare

Fresh lean veal loin or rump

15% salt brine

Burnt onion oil

Chopped parsley

Confit shallot


Sour dough croutons

Crispy shallot rings

Nasturtium leaves



Marinade the trimmed cheeks in red wine and the mire poix overnight. Seal and deglaze the cheeks in a hot pan, caramelize the vegetables and add them to the cheeks, cover with the stocks and braise in a covered pan until tender.

Reduce the jus to a thick glaze.Pick the meat and mix with 100ml of the jus and beat in the egg white, season and add the parsley. Roll in clingfilm and tie, poach at 65 °c for 1 hour then chill in an ice bath. When chilled, wrap in parma ham, slice and serve at room temp, glazed with a little of the jus.

Burnt onion emulsion

Blend the dried burnt onion in the vegetable oil to make a strong , black oil, strain. Make a basic mayonnaise using the onion oil to emulsify and season.

Pickled raddish

Slice the raddish on a mandolin thinly. Bring the other ingredients to the boil and allow to cool, then pour over the raddish slices and leave to marinade for 1 hour


Cut the veal into even slices approx ½ cm thick and then place into the brine for 15 mins. After wash off, dry and dice into cubes, store until needed. To serve take 1tbsp dice veal, add small amount of confit shallot, dress in the onion oil and chopped parsley, mix and serve.


Remove the crusts. Dice the sourdough and drizzle olive oil bake at 170°c for 8 mins