Marinated scallops

16 scallops sliced in half

Brazil nut oil

Maldon salt

Lemon juice


Pickled apple

120gr water

90gr apple vinegar

60gr sugar

1 granny smith apple


Sweet potato crisps

200gr peeled and chopped sweet potato

100gr mineral water



30gr picked chervil leaves



Marinated scallops

Lay the scallops on a plate with the cut side up and season on this order with a drop of the brazil nut oil, a squeeze of lemon juice and a a pinch of salt.


Pickled apple

Mix in a bowl the water, vinegar and sugar. Thinly slice the apples on the mandolin and put the slices in a plastic bag with some of the liquido in a way that the slices of apple dont overlay each other and are kept on a single layer. Compress on a vaccum machine until the liquid starts bubling, open the bag imediatelly and slice thinly the apples.


Sweet potato crisps

Blend the sweet potato and water on the thermomix for 3 minutes, strain on a chinnois. Transfer to a pan and cook stirring constantly so it doesnt stick on low heat until it thickens, about 5 minutes. Spread on silpat mats, dehydrate in the oven at100Cfor 1 hour or until dry. Break it into large pieces and keep on dry containers until needed for service. To serve, fry in hot oil at1600Cfor15/20 seconds and dry in plenty paper towels.


To serve

Organize neatly the seasoned scallops on the plate, cover with the chervil leaves, and pickled apples and finalize with some sweet potato crisps.


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