Serves 4


12 scallops (3 per serving)

Japanese chives

Seaweed paste

Kinome leaves

Dill flowers

8 white wine shallot shells

Olive oil

Fleur de sel

Sichuan pepper

Shiso hanna


Purple cauliflower consommé

2kg white cauliflower

1kg purple cauliflower


Fleur de sel



Make the carpaccio of scallops, season with salt, sichuan pepper and seaweed paste. Arrange the japanese chives on the scallops and roll it into raviolis. Surround the raviolis with consommé. Garnish with kinome leaves, shiso hanna, white wine shallot shells and dill flowers. Finish with fleur del sel and olive oil.


Purple cauliflower consommé

Cook the white cauliflower until soft and strain. Reduce the water with fleur de sel. Infuse the purple cauliflower until the colour seeps through a consommé. Strain and cool down. Blend with xantana and vacuum to remove any air bubbles. Strain through the superbag.