For the Lobster & Carrot:
• 150g of cooked lobster
• 15g of carrot brunoise
• lemon verbena

For the Milk Gel:
• 500g hay milk
• 2 gelatin sheets

For the Sea Buckthorn Oil:
• 250g dried sea buckthorn 500g sunflower oil

For the Fermented Carrot/Sea Buckthorn Juice:
• 2000g carrot juice
• 100g sea buckthorn
• 50g salt
• 50g lactic acid

1 Cook the lobster tail for about 4 minutes & the claw for 5 minutes in salted water. Cool it down in ice water.Remove the meat from the shell.
2 Gently cut the lobster into small pieces.
3 Cut carrot in brunoise. Slice lemon verbena. Mix the lobster, lemon verbena & carrot brunoise. Season with salt.
4 Heat the milk to 30C. Add the soaked gelatin sheets to the milk & then strain it.
5 Dry the sea buckthorn overnight at 63C. Blend the oil & the dried berries for 8 minutes.
6 Combine all the ingredients together & let it rest at room temperature for 15 days. Strain it.
7 In a small cup place 12 grams of the lobster. Add 25 grams of the milk gel on the top of the lobster. Let the cup in the fridge at least 60 minutes.
8 Before serving drop 2 spoon of carrot/sea buckthorn juice & some drops of sea buckthorn oil.

Recipe courtesy of Rasmus Kofoed