Soft chocolate sponge

112g ground almonds

112g icing sugar

112g egg yolks

48g egg whites

208g egg whites

72g caster sugar

88g plain flour

32g cocoa powder

40g unsalted butter

80g pate a glacer brune

Lychee pannacotta filling

200g lychee puree

67g whipping cream

5g gelatine

90g frozen rasberry pieces

Rasberry mousse

352g Madrifolo chocolate

74g caster sugar

38g whole eggs

10g gelatine

180g rasberry puree

215g whipping cream

Rasberry sauce

150g rasberry puree

5g ultratex

50g caster sugar

Spray mix

200g blanc satin cb white

60g rasberry cocoa butter

50g cocoa butter

Rasberry lychee ice cream

200g lychee puree

100g whole milk

100g whipping cream

20g caster sugar

80g egg yolks

10g glycerine

30g staboline

100g rasberry puree


60g unsalted butter

90g soft flour

50gCaster sugar


Soft chocolate sponge

Place the ground almonds and icing sugar into a machine bowl with a paddle. Gradually add in the egg yolks and icing sugar and beat until light in colour.Melt the butter and allow to cool.Place the egg whites into another machine bowl. Make a stiff meringue with the egg whites and gradually add in the caster sugar.Fold the dry ingredients into the ground almond base. Lastly mix in the butter.Fold in the meringue to the ground almond base.Weigh 1000g per tray and spread out evenly.Cook at 165C in rational for 12-15 minutes.Allow to cool and then, soak lightly with the raspberry soaking syrup below.Spread the base with brune pate a glacer, allow to set and cut into discs 60mm diameter.Lay onto koma tray lined with silicone paper and stack 3 sheets high. Store in the freezer until required.

Lychee pannacotta filling

Place the lychee puree into a pan with the whipping cream and bring to the boil.Add in the soaked gelatine and then allow to cool to blood temperature.Pipe 15g into the silicone mini muffin mould, break 1 frozen whole raspberry and place into the top of the lychee pannacotta.Place into the freezer to set, demould and then lay onto a koma tray lined with silicone paper until required.

Rasberry mousse

Melt the chocolate in the microwave.Place the whole eggs and egg yolks into a mixing machine. Cook the sugar to 121°C then pour over the whisking eggs. Whisk until around 40°C and light and fluffy.Warm the raspberry puree and dissolve in the gelatine.Add the puree and gelatine to the pate a bomb, lastly fold in the semi whipped cream, use immediately.

Rasberry rose cake

Place the silicone moulds onto a tray and lightly spray with spray grease.Place the prepared mousse into a piping bagh.Pipe the mould 2/3 full with the mousse.Tap the tray well to ensure there are no bubbles.Place 5g of chocolate croquant into the mould andthen a lychee pannnacotta, with the raspberry pieces side pushed into the mousse.Lastly push in the chocolate sponge and flatten off with a pallet knife.Place into the freezer to set overnight.Demould and set spaced apart onto a tray ready for spraying.

Rasberry sauce

Melt the raspberry puree.With the handblender (bamix) blend in the caster sugar and ultratex.Weigh 300g into piping bags and store in the freezer until required.

Spray mix

Melt the white chocolate.Melt the raspberry cocoa butter and cocoa butter.Mix well into the white chocolate.Strain before using to spray.

Rasberry lychee ice cream

Place the raspberry puree into a pan and reduce on a low heat until it reaches 800g. allow to cool and place into a piping bag.Prepare container and chinoise for the cooked mixture.Place the lychee puree, milk, cream, stabooline and glycerine into a pan and bring to the boil.Meanwhile while together the egg yolks and caster sugar together.Pour some of the boiling liquid over the egg yolk mixture, mix well and then return everything back into the pan. Cook over a moderate heat until the mixture reaches 83C. pass through the chinoise into the container and then chill rapidly in the bl;ast chiller.Place into the frdge to mature and thicken overnight.Churn the following day, place into a bowl in the freezer, ripple through the raspberry reduction and place into the ice cream containers.


Place all the ingredients into a mixing bowl with a paddle and mix gently until all the mixture comes together.Break into pieces and spread out on to a silpat and place into the oven and cook 160C, for 12-15 minutes until golden brown.Allow to cool and then blitz in the thermo to fine crumb.Alternately place the raw mixture into a block and place into the freezer until required.

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