Serves 10


Parmesan cream

200g parmesan cheese

250g pouring cream


400g chanterelle mushrooms

300g fresh cep mushrooms


300g red quinoa

300ml mineral water

50g butter

50g parmesan cream

Enough salt to season well

For decoration

2 périgord black truffles

60 shoots of pimpernel

30 chive flowers



Clean the mushrooms with a brush. Set aside.

Parmesan cream

Heat the cream to 60c. Meanwhile, put the parmesan in a thermomix. Add the cream gradually while mixing for 2 minutes at 60c. Bind well.

Quinoa risotto

Gently fry the quinoa with a little butter until it turns pearly. Pour the water in gradually as you would for a risotto. Once the quinoa is al dente, finish by adding 1tbsp of parmesan cream and 1tbsp of butter.

To serve

Fry the mushrooms in a little olive oil and butter. Serve 2tbsp of quinoa per plate, then arrange the mushrooms and the parmesan cream on top and decorate with slices of black truffle, pimpernel shoots and chive flowers.

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