1 pound purple potato

1 corn on the cob

2 heirloom carrots

1 cup of peas

1 cup of vegetable stock

1 tbsp butter

1 tbsp soy lecithin

1⁄2 cup flour

Salt and pepper

Olive oil



To make the gnocchi, bake the potatoes in the oven at 375°F until they are slightly soft, about 45 minutes. Cut in half and spoon them into a potato ricer. It is best to do this when they are still hot. Sprinkle about 1⁄4 cup of flour over the riced potatoes and cut with a dough cutter, until the flour is worked into the potato mixture. Sprinkle again with 1⁄4 cup flour and cut once more with a dough cutter. Now, working the dough as little as possible, form the mixture into a ball. Pat down and cut strips that are 1⁄2 inch in width. Then roll the strips into long snakelike rolls and cut gnocchi’s to about 1⁄2 inch by 1⁄2 inch, set aside.

Half the carrots, season with salt and pepper and drizzle with olive oil. Roast in the oven at 375°F for about 30-40 minutes.

Get your vegetable stock simmering over a medium heat, add your peas for about 2 minutes. Reserve 1⁄4 cup of the stock for the foam, and transfer the rest to a blender and blend on high for 2 minutes, adding the butter right at the end. Season with salt. Pass through a sieve for a smoother texture.

For the pea foam, add one scoop of the pea puree to the remaining stock, then add the soy lecithin and blend using a hand blender. Mix for about 30 seconds until bubbles appear. The foam will hold for about 5 minutes, but you can blend again to create more of the foam.

To char the corn, simple place directly over your gas burner and rotate every few minutes until nicely colored. Use a sharp knife to knock the kernels off the cob.

To cook the gnocchi, get salted water boiling in a pot, add gnocchi for about 2 minutes, or until they float. Scoop out with a slotted spoon and transfer to a pan over medium-high heat with a splash of olive oil. Sautee gnocchi for just a few minutes before plating and serving. Enjoy!


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