Predictions For Michelin Guide Germany 2015

04 Nov 2014
< 1 min read
Germany’s guide is being released tomorrow, and we give you our predictions about which restaurants and chefs will be seeing stars for their fine dining cuisine…

Two years ago, at 35 years of age became the youngest 3-Michelin-star chef in Germany and might well have started a trend towards younger, imaginative and visionary chefs whose style is unique, who create something so special that they stand out among the crowd.

Someone who’s definitely standing out of the crowd is who is a hot contender for the third star this year. His Asian-inspired restaurant might well become the first 3-star restaurant in Berlin. Other possible candidates for the third star are Henrik Otto (also in Berlin), (Hamburg) or Dirk Hoberg (Konstanz).

The two young chefs and Christian Sturm-Willms also bring some Asian flavours into their restaurants in Scharbeutz and Bonn, respectively, and might be awarded their first star this year.

What we’re also increasingly seeing is more creativity with regional products and less emphasis on the more traditional luxury products that are still very prevalent in German high-end gastronomy.

Good luck to everyone and keep tuned for the releaseon Thursday!