Potato foam

300g mashed potato

100g butter

150g water from potato


Pumpkin ice cream

15g ginger

30g diced onion

30g butter

450g pumpkin

500g cream

70g white wine

160g yolk

100g trimolin

150g crème fraîche


Curry powder


Potato foam

Boil the potato skin-on, making sure you reserve the potato water. Peel and boil again with all the remaining ingredients. Mix well and pass through a fine chinoisbefore seasoning with some salt. Fill all up in the ISI-Syphon and keep it hot until needed.

Pumpkin ice cream

Sweat the onion, ginger and curry in the butter.Deglaze with white wine and add in the pumpkin. After that, add the cream and bring all ingredients to the boil. Allow to cool before pasing the mixture through a seive.Whip the yolk and trimolin together in a bain marie until well mixed. Add the pumpkin cream and crème fraîche until you reach a foamy consistency. Keep it cool with ice and freeze in an ice machine in a pacojet container.

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