1 Kuro Buta pork chop, bone in

20 Sakura cherry blossom leaves, salted

150ml amuzu sweet vinegar

10pcs golden cherries, slightly unripe

Sea salt

Sakura leaf infused Sake

White sesame oil


Wrap the pork chop with the sakura leaves and vacuum seal – the salt from the leaves will slightly cure the pork. Remove the pork from the bag, brush with white sesame oil and spray with sake infused with the cherry blossom leaves. Grill the pork over charcoal, spraying with the sake regularly as to not completely burn the leaves. Cook 3-4 minutes per side and let rest. Remove the cooked sakura leaves from the pork and season again. The pork should be slightly pink in the center. Slice into 2cm pieces and arrange on top of the fresh sakura leaves. Garnish with the pickled cherries. To pickle the cherries, slightly heat up the sweet vinegar and pour over the fresh deseeded cherries – will be ready after 1 hr.

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