Pork belly

1kg Joselito Iberico pork belly

50g cardamom and mace powder

116gMaldon salt

30g brown sugar or molasses

30g instacure #1

Vindaloo Masala

50g red chilli powder

150g coriander seeds,ground

100g cumin seeds,ground

2tbps black cumin seeds,ground

2tbsp black peppercorns,ground

1tbsp fenugreek seeds,ground

2tbsp mustard seeds,ground

1tbsp turmeric powder

1tbsp black cardamom seeds,ground

1tbsp clovepowder

1tbsp cinnamon powder

Vindaloo sauce

500g red chili paste

100g ginger garlic paste

50g white vinegar

50g brown sugar

20g cream

Salt to taste


Pork belly

Puncture dots on the pork belly with a needle. Bring to boil all ingredients together except the belly. Let the brine mixture cool down until 10C degrees. Submerge the belly into the brine and let it stand for a minimum of 12 hours. When this is completed, take out the pork belly from the brine and dry it well with paper towel. Rub the vindaloo masala on the belly thoroughly. Once it is coated with masala, place it in a vacuum bag and seal it 100%. Cook in sous vide bath at 73C degrees for 12 hours.After 12 hours, take it out and let it cool on ice bath. Once cooled, press the belly between two containers with heavy weighted items on top, to make sure it is really nicely pressed. Let it rest in the fridge for another 12 hours.

Vindaloo Masala

Mix all of the spices together. This masala can be kept for up to a year. Keep in a dry cool temperature area.

Note |All ingredients should be roasted before mixing.

Vindaloo sauce

Combine all ingredients together except cream and bring to a boil. Turn down to simmer and let it reduce by half. Once reduced, add the cream. Check seasoning.

To serve

Cut and trim the pork belly into rectangles. Place it in an individual vacuum bag and seal 100%.Place in a sous vide bath at 60C for 15 minutes to reheat. Once reheated, transfer into a pan, and charred using a blowtorch. Arrange the sauce on the plate and belly on top. Garnish with goa cress, and sorrels.