The shell is lined with an oyster purée blended witha touch of cream. A raw oyster is laid upon it, and iscoated with oyster juice aspic, the whole beinggarnished with a strip of sorrel, pepper and tinypieces of lemon…

Serves 4


30 No. 2 oysters

200ml fresh liquid cream

5 gelatine sheets (2 for the oyster cream and 3 for the ¼ litre of oyster jus)

2 carrots

1 onion

1 lemon

1 bouquet garni


Spinach leaves


Open the oysters, keeping the juices in a bowl, and remove them from their shells with the point of a knife. Chill 16 oysters, wash the shells and set aside (scrape the shells clean).

Warm the cream in a frying pan, whisking well, and add the two pre-softened gelatine sheets. Mix with 6 oysters and coat the base of each shell with this cream, then allow to cool.

Once the cream has cooled and set in the base of the shell, add one oyster to each shell. Decorate the oysters with finely shredded spinach leaves and arrange slices of grooved carrot, previously boiled in salted water, between them.

Mix the oyster juices with the gelatine sheets to obtain a light and even jelly. Whisk it and add the juice of one lemon. Coat the oysters evenly and serve very cold over blanched seaweed.

Image© Laurence Mouton