Serves 10


Pineapple cremeux

250g pineapple purée




6ggelatine in sheets

Coconut mousse

320gcoconut purée



1,5g gelatine in sheets

Coconut sorbet

500gcoconut purée

200gsyrup 1:1



Crunchy chocolate

200g70% dark chocolate

Fruitflavored baby meringue

65gpineapple purée

65gcoconut purée

65graspberry purée

65gfresh egg whites


9galbumin powder

Dill and star anise jelly

130gfresh dill

35gstar anise


1,5gagar agar



Fresh pineapple, diced


Pineapple cremeux

Bring the cream to aboil.Mix yolks with sugar, pour cream over the mixture and transfer to another saucepan.Bring the cream to 82°C, filter, add the gelatin and whisk until solving.Bring to 40°C, add the pineapple purée and keep in fridge to completely solidify.

Coconut mousse

Heat a small part of the cream, solve gelatin sheets inside and allowto cool.Emulsify the rest of the cream with other ingredients. Transfer to fridge.Before using, regenerate the mixture with the helpof a whisk, pour it into a siphon, insert 1 cream charge and spray.

Coconut sorbet

Bring water and syrup to40°C.Add the stabilizing then bring to 60°C.Cool quickly, add coconut purée and pour into ice cream machine.

Crunchy chocolate

Melt the chocolate.Lay a thin layer on a 8cm diameter wax paper and allow to solidify.

Fruitflavored baby meringue

Whip the egg whites with sugar and albumin.Divide the meringue in 3 parts and combine each part with a different fruit purée.Let rest for 1 hour, fill 3 sac a poche with small tips and spread meringues on food drying machine.Toss with sugar then dry for 48 hours.

Dill and star anise jelly

Combine all the ingredients except agar agar and bring to85°C.Cover and leave in infusion for 30 minutes.Filter, bring it again to a boil and add agar agar.Pour in a baking tray (2mm thick) and allow to cool.Cut into diskettes with the help of a small rounded mold.

To serve

Spray the coconut mousse in the center of the dish. Surround it with diced fresh pineapple.Lay the crunchy chocolate over the mousse and garnish with one spoon of coconut sorbet.

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