‘Miniature’ Hardy Kiwi Fruit Bowl

Sliced hardy kiwi (as much as desired)

Large, seedless white grape (as much as desired)

Several pine nuts

Fresh thyme

Sprinkle of high quality olive oil


Pine Needle Sorbet

150g finely chopped pine needles

800ml freshly pressed apple juice

260ml freshly pressed cucumber juice

240g glucose

200ml freshly squeezed lemon juice


Pine Needle Juice

400ml freshly pressed apple juice

70g finely chopped pine needles



‘Miniature’ Hardy Kiwi Fruit Bowl

Slice hardy kiwi and arrange at base of bowl. Apply small amount of olive oil to slices to remove bitterness. Sprinkle with thyme and pine nuts. Garnish with seedless grape.


Pine Needle Sorbet

Heat all ingredients together and allow to boil. Immediately allow to cool. When cool, sieve and freeze. When completely frozen, micro-puree using pacojet or similar. Serve.



Pine Needle Juice

Blend until pureed. Serve over fruit bowl.