Scarlet pickling liquid

5l water

35g salt

300g cooked beetroots with their juice

400ml cidar vinegar

1kg liquid used to pickle red onions

Beetroot reduction

300g boiled beetroot

500g still mineral water

6 whole, fresh, scarlet dog roses in an infusion bag

150g sugar

Tapioca flour

Pureed daikon “marrow” cloud

300g puréed daikon “marrow”

1.5l milk

10 gelatine leaves


White pepper

Arbequina olive oil

Radish slices

Daikon radish, sliced very finely

5l water

50g salt

Chilled scarlet pickling liquid

To serve

Daikon radish leaves

Daikon radish shoots

Extra virgin olive oil

Salt flakes

Fresh scarlet dog rose petals to scatter over the dish


Scarlet pickling liquid

Heat the water, salt and beetroots and cook for 30 minutes.Cover and refrigerate for 6 hours. Drain, then add the vinegar and the red onion pickling liquid.Keep refrigerated. Slices of wild daikon radish (prepared later) will be soaked in this liquid until it is time to serve.

Beetroot reduction

Put the roses in the water, and heat to infuse and evaporate. Meanwhile, make a light caramel in another saucepan and add the cooked, blended beetroots when you see that the water with the flowers has almost evaporated, leaving only 75 ml of water. Add the beetroot caramel and mix well. Refrigerate.At the last minute, use a fine brush to paint a brushstroke of reduction across the base of a flat rectangular plate.

Pureed daikon “marrow” cloud

Dissolve the gelatine leaves in 50 ml of milk, then mix the ingredients together, cover and refrigerate.When the gelatine has set, use an electric whisk to aerate. Whisk as if making whipped cream, then transfer to a laminated tray, previously pre-chilled to prevent the heat from making the emulsion collapse.To serve, cut into uniform 1 cm squares.

Radish slices

Blanch the daikon radish slices in lightly salted water. Shock and leave in the scarlet pickling liquid (previously prepared) for 1 hour.At the last minute, drain well and arrange the slices on the plate on top of the uncooked daikon cloud (previously prepared).

To serve

Plate up all ingredients according to picture and garnish with daikon radish leaves, shoots and top with a dash of extra virgin olive oil, salt flakes and the rose petals.