• 4 x Red Mullets, 120grams each
• 4 clean red mullet heads, with the spine and fin
• 200 grams olive oil
• 4 red mullet livers
• 30grams of thinly chopped onion
• ½ liter wáter
• 50 grams vegetal jelly

For the garlic sauce
• 2 garlic cloves
• 40 grams milk
• 10 grams resource
• 20 grams olive oil

For the parsley sauce:
• 30gr clean parsley
• 100gr water
• 6gr resource

For the soy sauce
• 25gr soy sauce
• 10gr water
• 8gr resource

For decoration
• Chive flower

For the praliné of the spines:
1 Clean the red mullets heads, take out the eyes and guts, and also clean the spine and fins.
2 Dry them well and deep fry them in hot oil, when it’s brown, take it out and crush it.
3 Once crushed, keep it covered in a little bit of olive oil.

For the liver majada:
1 Clean the livers with a bit of water and mark them on the grill until it gets a nice colour. Put it into a mortar and pestle it with a bit of oil.
2 C
hop the onion very thin and deep fry it in olive oil, when it’s brown take it out and extend it on absorbent paper, so it dries. Mix it with the livers and reserve.

For the fusili:
1 Put the jelly and water to the fire, and when it boils, introduce the corkscrew spiral in a very cold water recipient. After that, add it into the hot jelly and back into cold water, do the same thing until you have the quantity of spirals for 4 people (6 per person, 2 of each flavour)
2 These fusilis are filled with the different sauces with a syringe, inject them into the fusilis. It is important that the purées are very well strained to avoid that syringe needle jams.

For the garlic sauce:
1 Slice the garlic cloves and brown them in oil, then strain them and infuse them with the milk. Once the milk has taken the flavour, you strain it and reserve. You mix the milk with the resource.

For the parsley sauce:
1 Whiten the parsley in the microwave and reserve it in cold water. Drain it well and put it into the Thermomix with water, crush it, drain it 1 and mix it with resource.

For the soy sauce:
1 Mix the water with the soy sauce and mix it with the resource.

To finish:
1 Mark the fish on the meat side, paint it with the spine praliné and finish it under the grill.
2 Place the fusilis on the plate, 2 of each flavour, and some skirtings of the liver and onion majada.
3 In the middle of the plate, place fish and decorate with the chive flowers.

Recipe courtesy of Pedro Subijana of Akelarre restaurant