Pear sauce

500g Clara Friis pears, peeled and cored

10g pear aquavit

1g citric acid, plus extra

Thyme oil

Grilled pears

2 Clara Friis pears

Grapeseed oil

25g thyme oil

Juniper berry salt

10g dried juniper berries

30g salt

Aerated spruce parfait

4 gelatine leaves

270g egg yolks

180g water

40g spruce shoots

75g spruce needles

67g sugar

20g fondant

255g cream

20g spruce oil

To serve

1 Clara Friis pear

Verbena leaves

Lemon thyme sprigs

Bronze fennel tops

Heather flowers

Unripe juniper berry skins


Pear sauce

Vacuum-pack the pears, aquavit and citric acid and cook in a water bath at 80C (175F) for 30 minutes. Cool, then blend to a smooth purée. Pass the purée, adjust the acidity with a pinch of citric acid and keep in the refrigerator.

Grilled pears

Peel the pears and cut off each side as close to the core as possible. Brush the cut side of each pear with grapeseed oil and chargrill (charbroil) until blackened. Drizzle thyme oil over the grilled sides and place 
in an airtight container to marinate. Peel away the charred surface of the pears and keep warm.

Juniper berry salt

Crush the dried juniper berries in a spice grinder. Sift, then return to the spice grinder, along with the salt. Gently pulse to mix and keep in an airtight container.

Aerated spruce parfait

Bloom the gelatine. Blend the egg yolks, water, spruce shoots and spruce needles in a Thermomix at 80C (175F) until warmed through. Strain, then combine 220g of this mixture with the sugar, fondant and bloomed gelatine and whisk at high speed in a stand mixer until it becomes stiff and frothy. Whip the cream, then fold in the frothy egg mixture. Combine 120g of this mixture with the spruce oil, then pour into a Food Saver container. Place in a vacuum machine and aerate. Freeze for 4 hours before opening the Food Saver container, then cut into portions.

To serve

Put the plates in the refrigerator to get cold. Split the pear sauce with thyme oil and swirl onto the cold plates. Thinly slice the Clara Friis pear and place
 1 slice on top of each warm grilled pear. Decorate with the herbs, flowers and juniper berry skins and carefully lift onto the plate. Add the aerated spruce parfait and season with the juniper berry salt.