Pear from the wood-burning stove

500ml water

500ml pear juice

600g sugar

100ml lemon juice

Pear ice cream

5 pears

100ml pear juice

60g sugar

30ml lemon juice

Pear zabaione

2 eggs

50g sugar

70g grape seed oil

1 sheet gelatine

200ml Calvados

5ml pear brandy

200g whipped cream

Pear cream

3 ripe pears (variety: “Forellenbirne”)

80g sugar

3g pectin

30ml lemon juice

Pine oil

50g fresh pines

100ml rapeseed oil

Pine chips

Pine needles


Pear from the wood-burning stove

Peel and carefully scoop out the pears – save the skin. Boil up the water mixed with pear juice and sugar, and season it with lemon juice. Cook the pears until completely soft. Afterwards, put them in the wood-burning stove and let them brown for a few minutes. Cover the skin with the remaining sugar syrup and dry it on a baking sheet in a convection oven at 80°C.

Pear Ice Cream

Peel and core the pears. Then, cut them in thin slices and simmer in a mixture of pear juice, sugar and lemon juice. After cooling, freeze it in an ice cream maker.

Pear Zabaione

Whip up the eggs and sugar in a bain-marie, and pour in the grape seed oil. Let the Calvados reduce to 100ml and dissolve the gelatine in the reduction. Finally, fold in the Calvados, the whipped cream and the Pear brandy. Fill the sabayon into an ISI siphon.

Pear Cream

After peeling and coring, cut the pears in thin slices and simmer in a mixture of sugar and pectin. Season with lemon juice and finely mix it to a creamy consistency.

Pine Oil

Heat the rapeseed oil to 60°C, add the pine needles and fill in lockable jars. Marinate the needles for at least five months.

Pine Chips

Dry the pine needles at 80°C in a convection oven.

To serve

Finely spread the pear cream on the plate. On top, place the pear from the wood-burning stove together with the ice cream. Shake the siphon and add the sabayon. Gently pour on the pine oil and finish by decorating with dried pine needles and the crunchy pear skin.

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