Pear bavarois

350g pear puree

450g whipping cream

130g egg yolk

90g sugar

10g gelatine

12g pear eau de vie

190g whipped cream

Chocolate cremeux

200g chocolate

80g egg yolk

500g whipping cream

50g sugar


100g chocolate

20g pear puree

5g pear alcohol

8g trimoline

120gwhipping cream

Pear sorbet

500g pear puree

1vanilla pod

50g sugar

7g alcohol

250g pear juice


3g stabiliser

Chocolate 1/2 sphere


100gcocoa butter

Hot caramel/cognac sauce

300g sugar

100g glucose

600g whipping cream


1 vanilla

Tiny poachedvanillapears

300g pear juice

150g glucose


1 vanilla

8g alcohol

100g pear puree


Pear bavarois

Bring the pear puree, whipping cream, egg yolks, vanilla, and sugar to83°Cand add thegelatin. Pass through a chinois and cool. Add the whipped cream and the alcohol.

Chocolate cremeux

Bring the whipping cream,the sugar and the egg yolksto83°C. Pass through the chinois and add the melted chocolate when the temperature is around 47°C, then cool.


Bring the whipping cream andtrimoline to the boil, and mix it with the chocolate, the pear puree and the alcohol.

Pear sorbet

Bring the pear juice andvanilla to 45°C.Add the dextrose,sugar and the stab, and then boil the mixture for 2 minutesbefore pouring it into the frozen pear puree. Once coldadd the alcohol andlemon juice, and leave in the fridge 24hrs before using.

Hot caramel andcognac sauce

Make caramel with the sugar, glucose and vanilla, add the whipping cream and bing to boil. Cool down and add the cognac with a bit of salt.

Tiny poachedvanillapears

Make a syrup with the pear juice, the pear puree, the vanilla and the pear alcohol. Add the syrup tothe pear in a vacuum bag and cook in the steamer. Caramelize the pear with brown sugar and a blow torch just before serving. Add chocolate coated popping candy.

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