Serves 10


Peach soufflé base

300g blood peach puree

100g raspberry puree

10g lemon, juiced

16g caster sugar

40g corn flour

Peach soufflé mix

300g peach soufflé base

100g egg whites

40g caster sugar

1yellow peach,diced

Raspberry jam

100g raspberry puree

40g sugar

5g lemon juice

25g frozen raspberries

Vanilla/raspberry rippleice cream

300g milk

100g cream

80g yolks

80g sugar

20g stabiliser

4g glycerine

1vanilla pods

40g pro crème


Peach soufflé base

Put all of the ingredients into the thermo mix and blend for 20mins at 90c until the mix has cooked and become thick.

Peach soufflé mix

Whip the egg whites and caster sugar until foamy creamy.Fold the peaches in at the end and fill the mixer into a small pan and bake it at 200c for 15 min.

Raspberry jam

Boil 100g puree until it weights 75g. Add the sugar and lemon juice into the puree then add in 25g offrozen raspberries.Remove from the heat and allow it to cool before folding into your churned vanilla ice cream base.

Vanilla ice cream

Heat the vanilla, the milk and cream together with the pro crème and the glycerine and Staboline then whisk your egg yolks and sugar together and pour the hot liquid over it.Mix and return to the pan at 83c for 5/10mins. Then pass it through a fine chiniour into a container over ice and allow to cool.After cooling, start to stir it until vanilla ice cream is ready. Put it in a container and fold the raspberry jam with vanilla ice cream and freeze it.

To serve

Bake the soufflé 200c not above not below for 25mins. Serve straight after baking.

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