10 large “pé de burrinho“ clams

4 pears, mashed

1 pear ball

Indian cress (Nasturtium), 1 per person

Chive oil


150gsunflower seeds


Eucalyptus leaves

Sunflower seeds

200gsunflower seeds

30gfish sauce


Gaiado broth(Gaiado = dried tuna from Madeira)

2 pieces medium red mullet carcasses

2 medium sole bones

½ gaiado head

2 chilis

50 gr coriander stems

2 l water

13 pieces “Pé de Burro” Clams

100ml soya sauce

2 El Sushi seasoning

1 lemon grass, cut in small pieces

1 leek leaf, cut in small pieces

50gginger, grated

100gdaikon radish, grated

Sushi seasoning

500grice vinegar




“Pé de Burrinho” clams

Lay 4 clams on a preheated charcoal grill and take them immediately off when they open. Add the water of the clams to the Gaiado-Dashi Fond.Remove the clams inside from the shell, keeping only the white part.

Mashed pears

Peel the pears and core them.Cut into small cubes.Slightly caramelize some sugar in a wide saucepan.Add the butter, let it froth and add the pear cubes.Reduce with white wine and white pear vinegar and add the pear juice.Lightly cook the pears and mix them in the Thermomixer with the addition of iced butter cubes for at least 10 minutes until a homogeneous purée is produced.Fill in small bottles and keep in the refrigerator.Serve at room temperature.

Chive oil

Place ingredients in the Thermomixer at 90º C for 1 min. at level 10, then for 8 min. at level 3.Pour through a sieve and leave it cool down.After separate the remaining water from the oil.Fill the chive oil in the plastic bottles and store in the refrigerator.

Pear balls

Remove balls from a bulb with the smallest ball joint.Lightly caramelize the sugar, add some butter, froth, swirl the balls and finish with a splash of white wine and a splash of pear.Cool quickly on ice, do not let them soften.

Sunflower seeds

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl.Spread on a flat surface.Bake in the oven at 100º C for about 5 minutes.Take them out the oven and remove cores.Then bake them golden for about 8 minutes at 150º C.Serve 3-4 pieces per person.

Gaiado broth

Blanch the gaiado head during 3 minutes in the blanching water.All ingredients except sushi seasoning, soy sauce and the rest of the clams should be boiled, then gently pulled 2 – 3 hrs.Then add the remaining ingredients. When the clams open, remove them from the heat and allow them to cool down.Pass through a sieve.Just before serving, add some sliced eucalyptus leaves and fresh pear.

To serve

In a clam dish, arrange all the ingredients and, in a second clam’s dish, cut small eucalyptus leaves with a bit of charred charcoal.

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