Passion fruit cake

450g butter

400g sugar

200g egg yolk

200g whole eggs

400g flour

20g baking powder

5g salt

Passion syrup

125g water

125g sugar

500g passion puree

Raspberry sorbet

250g raspberry puree

100g water

45g sugar

20g automised glucose

5g dextrose

1.5g stabliser

Green tea white chocolate ganache

75g water

125g white chocolate

25g macha powder

1.5g Xanthan

Crystalized white chocolate

250g water

350g white chocolate

Coconut tuille

250g coconut milk

100g desiccated coconut

187.5g icing sugar

1.25g Xanthan


Passion cake

Mix inbutter until pale and fluffy and then thesugar and mix them together. Next add theegg yolk andwhole eggs to the butter and sugar mixture. Then add the flour,baking powder andsalt until the mixture become screamy in texture.Spread it on the trays and then cook at 175Cfor 25 min. Allow to cool before cutting intopieces.Soak the cake pieces in the passion syrup.

Passion syrup

Boilwater withsugar and allow to cool.Addpassion puree and mix the two together.Set aside until ready to use.

Raspberry sorbet

Heat upraspberry puree and add water. Next mix thesugar, glucose and stabliser together and then add to the warm puree. Blend together and then heat entire mixture to 60C. Allow to cool and then place inPacoJet containers. Freeze the mixture for 24hrs before spinning the mix in the PacoJet. Set aside until ready to use.

Green tea white chocolate ganache

Boil the water before adding thewhite chocolate. Blend the ingredientstogether and then add the macha powder and mix into the chocolate. Then add the Xanthan until it thickens. Allow to cool and set aside until ready to use.

Crystalized white chocolate

Heat up 250g of water and sugar together and allow to boil it until 145c.Warning |very hot syrup!

Add 350g white chocolate to the hot syrup and then mix themtogether until they become dryer in consistency.Spread the mixtureon the tray and allow to cool. Set aside until ready to use.

Coconut tuille

Mix coconut milk,desiccated coconut, icing sugar andXanthan together to make a paste.Spread it on the trays and cook it in the oven on 140Cfor 20min. Allow to cool before breaking the tuille down into small pieces.

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