Tomato vinegar stock

65g banana shallots, peeled and coarsely diced

3g coriander seeds

1 bay leaf

6g peppercorns, black

3g juniper berries

130ml balsamic vinegar

500ml tomato water

Cornelian cherry leather

175g cherry pulp

1.8g pectin NH

3.5g granulated sugar

0.15g citric acid

Trumpet chanterelle-parsnip cream

65g shallots, coarsely diced

7g garlic, peeled

135g trumpet chanterelle (scraps)

20ml vegetable oil

220g parsnips (scraps)

50g butter

70ml beef soup


Cornelian cherry-baharat mayonnaise

100ml apple juice

37g egg yolk

110g cornelian cherry pulp

2.5g salt

1.3g Baharat

25ml reduced apple juice

125ml vegetable oil

62g crème fraiche

Pickled parsnip hearts

2 parsnips

Parsnip hearts

Tomato vinegar stock

1 pinch of Carpathian salt

Crunchy parsnips

Parsnips, peeled

Vegetable oil for frying

Baked parsnip

Parsnip flesh (outer layer)

Nut butter for brushing

Glazed chicory

40g chicory

6ml chilli oil

8ml tarragon oil

6.5g salt

17g granulated sugar

65ml tomato vinegar stock

Marinated chicory

Chicory tips


Balsamic vinegar

Chanterelles & cornelian cherries

French tarragon

30 trumpet chanterelles

Carpathian salt


Tomato vinegar stock

Lightly fry the shallots in vegetable oil, add spices and cook briefly. Deglaze with balsamic vinegar and let reduce on low heat to about 100ml. Pour in tomato water and simmer for 45 minutes. Strain through a Belgian sieve and fill into screw-cap glasses until use.

Cornelian cherry leather

Heat, puree and strain the cornelian cherry pulp. Add pectin, citric acid and sugar and bring to a boil. Thinly spread on baking mats and parch at 45C for about 2.5-3.5 hours. Cut into root-like wedges and store airtight and dry until use.

Trumpet chanterelle-parsnip cream

Sweat the shallots in vegetable oil, then add garlic, chanterelles and parsnips. Add butter and cook over low heat until soft. Pour in beef stock and let reduce completely. Finely puree, pour into cups and refrigerate. Season to taste with salt.

Cornelian cherry-baharat mayonnaise

Reduce apple juice to 25ml. Whip together egg yolk, cornelian cherry pulp, salt, baharat and apple juice. Pour the oil slowly into the yolk mass (emulsify). Gently stir crème Fraiche into the finished mayonnaise. Finally, fill in cups, label and refrigerate.

Pickled parsnip hearts

Make two adjacent lengthways cuts into the fresh parsnip, then cut out a 1cm-wide wedge reaching into the heart. Following this the parsnip heart can be taken out through the wedge. Keep the outer parsnip flesh for the baked parsnip. Boil the parsnip hearts in salt water until soft, then vacuum seal with the warmed up tomato vinegar stock. Cook in water bath at 65C for 60-90 minutes. Keep vacuumed and cool until use. Before serving, warm up in the stock, then season with Carpathian salt.

Crunchy parsnips

Using a food slicer, cut the parsnip into 0.5mm strips. Heat the vegetable oil to 170C and fry the parsnip strips until crispy. Then let fat drip off thoroughly. The strips should curl as little as possible during frying. Keep dry until use.

Baked parsnip

Steam parsnip flesh at 95C for 10 minutes until soft. Then spread with nut butter and bake in the oven at 180C for 3 minutes.

Glazed chicory

Cut chicory in 5mm wide and 10cm long strips. Cut the strips from the white part of the chicory. Place the tips of the raw marinated chicory aside. Briefly sauté the chicory strips in chilli oil and tarragon oil. Add salt and sugar and let caramelise slightly. Deglaze and thicken with the tomato vinegar stock. Finally, fill in cups and store in a cool place.

Marinated chicory

Marinate everything together.

Chanterelles & cornelian cherries

To re-assemble the parsnip, fill the parsnip heart with the glazed chicory and trumpet chanterelle-parsnip cream. Arrange with cornelian cherry leather, parsnip puree and crispy parsnips to a root-like shape. Garnish with marinated chicory. Briefly steam mushrooms, season with salt and sprinkle with tarragon. Serve the mayonnaise separately.

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