Serves 10



10 parsnips (washed and peeled)

1tbsp caraway seed

1tbsp fennel seed

1⁄2tbsp black peppercorn

5 cardamom pods

5 juniper berries

1⁄2 nutmeg (cracked into several pieces)

2 heads garlic (halved)

5 springs thyme

2 sprigs rosemary

1tbsp sugar

3tbsp olive oil

Salt (to taste)


Red cabbage ketchup

2 heads red cabbage shredded on a mandoline or slicer.

1 pint grapefruit juice

1 pint lemon juice

1 pint orange juice

2 cups pork scrap or bacon, diced

2 cups onion, diced

2 cups port

2 cups red wine

2 cups sugar


Raspberry vinegar

Cranberry juice, optional


Creamed spinach

6qts spinach leaves, stems removed

1 cup double cream

1tbsp shallots, brunoise

Lemon juice

Salt and pepper


Onion crumble

2 red onions

2 sweet onions

2 sheet trays


Bordelaise sauce

2qts heavily reinforced veal or beef stock

1 bottle (750ml) red wine, reduced by half

1 1⁄2lbs veal or beef scraps, cubed and towel dried

2 garlic cloves

1⁄4 cup celery, diced

1⁄4 cup carrots, diced

1⁄2 cup onion, diced

4tbsp grape seed oil

2tbsp butter

2tbsp oil




Wash the parsnips thoroughly, and pat dry. Square off the parsnips by cuttinga small slice on two opposite sides of the wider end so that they are stable onthe baking sheet. In a small rondeau, toast the spices over medium low heat for approximately 10 minutes. Do not allow the spices to burn and then remove from heat and cool. Crush the spices using the bottom of a heavy pan and thentoss the parsnips in a bowl with the oil and crushed spices. Season with salt and pepper. Next lay a silpat (or a piece of parchment paper) on a baking sheet. Place the parsnips on the baking sheet, in opposite directions, about 4 inches apart. Cover with another silpat, or piece of parchment, and another baking sheet. Weigh down the sheet tray witha brick or a heavy cast iron pan and place in the oven. Cook for approximately 11⁄2 hours at 375F, until the parsnips are soft and uniformly flattened. Refrigerate until ready to use. When ready sear the chilled steaks in melted butter to give them a nice golden crust.


Red cabbage ketchup

Marinate the cabbage in the fruit juices for 24 hours, stirring as often as possible. Drain the cabbage and discard the liquid andin a large rondeau, caramelize sugar over a medium flame. Add the port and red wine and reduce by half and thenset aside.In a separate rondeau, sweat the onions and pork scrap until the onions have soften, add the cabbage and wine reduction. braise the cabbage until tender. Finish with honey and raspberry vinegar to taste. Transfer 3 cups of the braised cabbage into a blender and purée on high. Add a small amount of cranberry juice to the cabbage if it is too dry. Strain through a chinois and cool. Season with salt and raspberry vinegar.


Creamed spinach

To make the double cream, add half a clove of garlic to 1 cup of heavy cream. Reduce the mixture by half. Seperately, blanch the spinach in hot salted water for 30 seconds and submerge in an ice bath. Press the cooled spinach under weights to drainoff all the water. If the spinach is still watery use two hands and squeeze out the remaining water. Finely chop the drained spinach andin a medium rondeau, sweat the shallots, and add spinach. Heat for 3 minutes, add the double cream, and mix thoroughly; the spinach should be creamy and not to stiff. Finish with lemon juice, salt andpepper.


Onion crumble

Thinly slice the onions using a mandoline. Next mix the white and red onions together, and spread the rings in an single even layer onto two to three parchment-lined sheet trays. Set a convection oven to 125F, fan low and dehydrate the rings for 12 hours or until they are comply dry and very crispy.


Bordelaise sauce

Preheat oven to 350F. Heat the oil in a medium rondeau over a high flame until very hot (but not smoking). Meanwhile season the veal with salt and working in batches, brown on all sides. Remove the veal from the rondeau and set aside. Add 1⁄2 cup of water to the rondeau and deglazereserving theliquid. Return the rondeau to the stove and heat theoil over a medium flame. Add the carrots, celery and onions, and cook until golden brown. Remove the vegetables from the rondeau and set aside. Add the butterand garlic to rondeau, and cook until the garlic is golden brown, but not burnt. Return the veal, vegetables and reserved liquid to the rondeau. Cook until the liquid has reduced by two thirds. Add heated stock and reduced wine and cover with parchment paper. Transfer the rondeau to the oven andafter 30 minutes, remove the parchment paper, and continue to cook for an additional 30 minutes.