2 eggs (about 100g)

3 egg yolks (about 60g)

80g sugar

20g honey

1/2 Tahitian vanilla bean (core)

400g of whipped cream

100-150g Torrone sprinkles or almond


Whisk egg, egg yolk, honey and sugar over a warm water bath until frothy.Soak 1/2 leaf of gelatine in cold water for 10 minutes, then, squeeze out the water and dissolve in the hot egg mixture. Whisk the mixture in a bowl submerged in ice water, until you get a pale, yellow foam.Whisk the cream and carefully fold together with the vanilla seeds and Torrone sprinkles. Then add to the base.

Pour the parfait into the prepared hemispherical moulds and freeze.Add chocolate chips according to taste. Add Torrone crumble according to taste.Take the frozen parfait out of the moulds.Serve with orange sauce and orange segments.

Reto Lampart