Piece foie gras

King scallop

Olive oil

Finely chopped shallot

Red wine

Salt and pepper


Foie Gras

Cut a piece of Foie Gras the same size as the scallop; season with a bit of salt and white pepper, than coated slight with flour.Wait till the pan is hot, and then put the piece of Foie Gras in to pan fried, keeping medium flame and no need for oil.After about 1 minute the natural fat of the Foie Gras will melt.Take out the Foie Gras and get rid of the fat, the repeat the same frying process on the other side.

King Scallop

Separate the kingscallop from the shell and rinse under the tap.Soak up the excesswater with a clean cloth.Heat up the pan and put in a few drops of olive oil.Pan frythe scallop until slightly brown.Turn round the scallop and frythe other side until slightly brown.


Warm up the pan.Add finely chopped shallot and red wine.Use medium flame and keep stirring till warm.Sprinkle a bit of black pepper on top.

To serve

Sandwich the cooked scallop on a plate with 2 pieces of the prepared Foie Gras. Pour the sauce on top and serve.

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