Venison spice blend

15g white pepper

30g juniper berries

40g allspice grains

50g coriander seeds

5g cloves

3 bay leaves

2tsp. thyme, freshly chopped



480g saddle of venison

1tsp. spice blend for the venison

2tbsp. Butter


6 blanched cabbage leaves


Cranberry-pepper sauce

300g venison bones, cut into walnut-sized pieces

8tbsp germ oil

50g smoked streaky bacon, roughly diced

1 carrot, peeled and roughly diced

½ onion, peeled and roughly diced

¼ celery stalk, cleaned and roughly diced

2 garlic cloves, unpeeled

1tbps white pepper corns, crushed in a mortar

1 bay leaf

80g wild cranberries (glass)

300ml red wine

300ml red port

1l game stock

10 juniper berries, lightly crushed

10 cloves

2 thyme sprigs


Old Balsamic vinegar

3-4tbsp reduced Noilly Prat

Reduced red wine

2-3tbsp wild cranberries (glass), passed through a sieve

1tbsp ice cold butter


Beetroot-apple ragout

5 Granny Smith apples

5 beet roots, cooked

120g butter

White port

100g beetroot purée

100g raspberry purée

70g apple sauce

Raspberry vinegar

Lemon juice

Hazelnut oil


Freshly ground pepper



Beet root jelly

1l game consommé

125ml red port

125ml Madeira

125ml beet root juice

50ml raspberry vinegar

11g agar-agar

11 gelatine leaves


Caramelised almonds

100g almonds, halved diagonally



½ cabbage





Beet root garnish

Beet root

Beet root juice

Raspberry vinegar




Venison spice blend

Warm up each ingredient, apart from the thyme, separately in a pan until lukewarm. With a mortar and pestle, finely pound everything, adding the thyme at the end.



Divide the venison into portions, sprinkle with the venison spice blend and colourless fry in a pan with butter. Wrap the venison in the blanched cabbage leaves and cook in the oven at 110C for 9 minutes until the core temperature has reached 48C. Scorch the cooked cabbage-wrapped venison with a Bunsen burner, until it’s blackened. Then place in the middle of wooden bark, place pre-heated charcoal around it and the black salt-rum mixture on top, and scorch at the table.


Cranberry pepper sauce

Roast the venison bones in 4tbsp. Of oil. Add bacon and vegetables together with the garlic and gently roast. Let the crushed pepper roast gently in the remaining oil for 10 minutes. Drain in a sieve and add bay leaf and wild cranberries to the bones. Alternate red wine and port to deglaze and let boil down. By doing so, thoroughly dissolve the drippings with a wooden spatula. Add the game stock and reduce by a third on medium heat. Stir every now and again. Pass the stock through a sieve. Put the juniper berries, cloves and thyme in a sieve and let hang into the sauce and infuse next to the hobs for 10-15 minutes. Take out the sieve and re-heat the stock. Season with salt, balsamic vinegar, reduced Noilly Prat and red wine as well as sieved wild cranberries. Lightly bind the sauce with cold, flaky butter.


Black salt

Finely mix coarse sea salt in the Thermomix and mix with charcoal powder until it’s black. Before use, blend the black salt with some rum, until creamy.


Beetroot-apple ragout

Peel apples and beet root and cut into fine cubes. Sauté the apple cubes in butter without colour, deglaze with white port and let boil down. Add the remaining ingredients and slowly cook until soft. Then season with raspberry vinegar, lemon juice, hazelnut oil, salt, freshly ground pepper and sugar.


Beetroot jelly

Boil the liquids together and reduce to 1l, then season to taste and pass through a fine cloth strainer. Add the agar-agar and bring to a boil. Squeeze out the cold water from the soaked gelatine and add to the hot liquid. Mix well to completely dissolve the gelatine. Pour the jelly stock onto a sheet, 2mm high, and refrigerate.


Caramelised almonds

Mix sugar and almond oil, add a bit of water and bring to a boil. Add the almonds and toss until golden yellow. The put onto a silicon mat and let cool.



Remove the cabbage leaves from the stalk and cut into diamond shapes. Bring a pot of salt water to the boil and blanche the cabbage until soft. Take out and cool down in ice water. Let the water drip off on a perforated sheet. Toss in a bit of butter and season to taste with salt and grated nutmeg.


Beet root garnish

With a small parisienne scoop, scoop small balls from the cooked and peeled beet root. Glaze them in beet root juice, raspberry vinegar and butter.


To serve

Remove the venison from the coal and the cabbage coating at the table. Carve the venison arrange on the plates with the side dishes. Add some cranberry pepper sauce and serve.

With a spoon, form a dumpling with the beet root-apple ragout and place on the plate. Cut the jelly into shape and place onto the ragout so that it covers it completely. Sprinkle with popped quinoa and the odd almond on top. Place the cabbage diamonds and beet root balls on top as well and garnish with parsley, cress and celery leaves.