Serves 10


Green apple juice

500g Granny Smith apples

1 l water

11.25gascorbic powder

Apple wasabi paste

80ml green apple juice

40g wasabi paste

Apple wasabi ostie

400g green apple juice

10g apple wasabi paste

2 gelatin leaves


Green apple juice

Start by mixing 10g of the ascorbic power with the water, using a hand blender. Set aside and chill. Wash the Granny Smith apples. Slice from top to bottom, skin on, 2cm thick. Reserve the slices in the ascorbic water mix, discarding the apple core. Juice the apple slices using a centrifuge juicer. Add the remaining 1.25g of the ascorbic powder to the mix, whisk, then pass through a fine mesh chinois.

Apple wasabi paste

Mix all of the ingredients together until fully incorporated, then pass through a fine mesh chinois and set aside until required.

Apple wasabi ostie

Mix the green apple juice and the apple wasabi paste together. Dissolve the gelatin in a small amount of the mix. Blend all of the ingredients together using a hand blender. Pass through a fine mesh chinois. Fill the bottom of a freezer tray with the apple wasabi mix to 40mm deep. Leave to set and freeze. Cut into circles, 30mm in diameter, with a round cutter. Serve frozen.