Love &Death

Bulleit Rye – Verjus – Vermouth – Bitters

Delicious twist of Manhattan with tannins & acidity of big red!


60ml Bulleit Rye

30ml Viscolata Cardinale

15ml Vermouth Cocchi

10ml Red Verjus

2dash Spanish Bitters

1dash Abbot’s bitters

1pcs Grapefruit peel


In mixing glass combine all ingredients apart from grapefruit zestandstir with ice till cold & diluted. Pour into chilled coupe over large chunk of iceandperfume with grapefruit zest.

Vodkatini waiting to become Manhattan

Ketel 1 – Gem Stones – Vermouth

The ultimate vodka martini energized with gemstones!


60ml Quartz Ketel one

40ml La Quintinye Blanc vermouth

1pcs Lemon zest

Quartz Vodka

500ml Vodka

2pcs Quartz

Wash quartz stones with neutral alcoholandplace them into nonreactive container, add vodkaandsupersonic the mixture for 2 minutesandcycle 50, output 5.


Combine ingredients in mixing glass, add iceandstir until ice cold. Strain into chilled martini glassandperfume with zest of lemon.


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