Serves 4


Spheres/ Sweet onion cream

1kg sweet onions

400ml cream

200ml onion stock

2% glucose

Bread croutons

Some bread croutons

Truffle Coulis

Some water

Some truffle

Thyme/rosemary gel

½ bunch thyme

½ bunch rosemary

100g ice

Candied onion

2 onions


white stock

Onion stock

Put 1kg onions in a vacuum with 3 litres of poultry stock and leave it to steam cook at 85°C for 48 hours.

Onion sauce

500g sweet onions

1l onion stock


Egg bath

500ml water

200g egg yolks

7.5g algin

Onion soup au gratin

500g sweet onions

150g of butter

Some parmesan


Candied onion

Cut the onions in half and vacuum, then cook them with some white stock and butter.

Thyme/rosemary gel

Mix all ingredients and wait for the bubbles to subside.

Spheres/sweet onion cream

Roast the onions until brown, pour in some onion stock. Then remove the liquid and add cream and glucose. Make some spheres of different sizes into the egg bath, flame them with the blow torch, add grated parmesan and flame again.

Truffle Coulis

Put the truffle trimmings in a casserole dish, add the water and cook for half an hour. Mix in the thermomix until the texture is creamy.

Onion Sauce

Brown the onions, add the stock and let reduce, then add xanthan.


Mash the butter and then comfit the chopped onions at the edge of the stove without browning them.

To finish

Prepare the gratin by spreading the candied onions finely on a plate, grate some parmesan on the top and brown it under the grill. Make the same gratin disc on a dish and let it brown. Place the onion spheres covered by the onion soup au gratin, top with the truffle/parmesan croutons, the sauce spots, the truffle spots, the candied onion flakes and the thyme gel spots. Then season with pepper from the mill.

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