Serves 10



125g zacapa 23 rum

75g water

75g simple syrup

35g isomalt

3g agar

2 gelatin leaves

Ganache base

300g cream

200g chocolate, 70%

100g chocolate, 40%

Chocolate sauce

6g cocoa powder

30g espresso coffee

30g Monin hazelnut syrup

60g praline paste

1 gelatin leaf


300g ganache base

30g zacapa 23 rum


Sweet ash powder

10g Nescafé coffee powder

20g Oreo powder

20g hazelnut candied powder


1 recipe for rum crystal

1 recipe for rum ganache

1 recipe sweet ash powder



Combine all the ingredients, except the gelatin. Boil for 10 seconds, add the gelatin, and sieve. Ladle the hot mixture onto silpat mat, and spread into a thin layer. Leave to dry at room temperature. remove the layer from the silpat. Place between two sheets of paper and cut into 5 x 9 cm rectangles. Remove the paper and transfer the rectangles to a silpat mat. Dry in an oven at 65c for 12 hours, to become crystalised. Transfer the crystals to baking parchment, and place on a warm surface. Season the crystals with 2 drops hazelnut oil. Roll the warm crystals into the shape of a cigar. Store in an airtight container with silicon.

Ganache base

Temper the chocolate and add cream. cool the mixture until warm.

Chocolate sauce

Combine the cocoa powder, coffee and Monin hazelnut syrup, and bring to the boil. Add the praline paste and gelatin.


Mix the ganache base and zacapa rum. with a spatula add the chocolate sauce. Fill a syphon 2 with 2 charges, and rest for 2 hours.

Sweet ash powder

Mix all the ingredients.


Fill the rum crystal with the rum ganache to create the cigar. Dip both ends of the cigar in the sweet ash powder. serve in an ashtray with a small amount ash powder for dipping.