Serves 4


1 small octopus, around 1kg size


40 ml virgin olive oil

1 spoon smoked Spanish paprika

1 garlic bulb

50gof piquillo roasted peppers

30gblack olives,very finely sliced

30gmanzanilla olives, very fine sliced

20 grs micro capers in salt

6 leaves of sage

1 bunch of rocket

Sea salt for seasoning


Wash the octopus in cold water with a brush , discard the head and mouth and cook the octopus in boiling water for around 15 to 20 min , leave it rest in the water for another 15 min or until tender.

Remove octopus tentacles from liquid and place the tentacles in a container, place enough weight on top of it with help of another container same size , this will press the octopus tentacle helping to form a block .Leave the octopus in the container for a day in the fridge.

Mix all the marinade ingredients together in a bowl and season with salt.

Heat the olive and add the garlic, once it is cooled down add the smoked paprika mix and set aside.

Remove the octopus tentacle block from the fridge and cut thin slices. Garnish with the marinade and the olive oil infused with paprika.

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