Winter melon jelly

175g winter melon sugar

350g water

1g agar

Jasmine tea soup

1000g water

50g silver needle jasmine tea

100g sugar

3g Xantana

Elderflower ice

50g elderflower syrup

50g water

1 sheet gelatin

Nasturtium sauce

5g nasturtium flower

80g neutral glaze

15g elderflower syrup

30g water

Sweet bean curd

600g soy milk

90g water

12g edible plaster powder

To serve

Nasturtium leaves

Begonia flower

Lotus seed

Goji berry


Tapioca pearls


Elderflower ice

Boil the water and melt gelatin. Add elderflower syrup and pour into flexipan. Freeze and keep until ready to use.

Winter melon jelly

Boil water and winter melon sugar together, add agar and reboil. Store in the refrigerator.

Jasmine tea soup

Infuse jasmin tea in a cold water for 18 hours. Blend sugar and xantana. Use the vacuum machine to clear the air bubbles in the soup.

Nasturtium sauce

Blanch the nasturtium flower. Blend together with water. Add neutral glaze and elderflower syrup.

Sweet bean curd

Warm the water and plaster powder together up to 80 degrees celsius. Mix into soy milk, cover with aluminum foil and steam cook for 30 minutes. Cool down and keep in refrigerator until ready to use.

To serve

Scoop 3 spoons each of sweet bean curd and winter melon jelly on bottom of plate. Place on top 6 pieces each of cooked lotus seeds, goji berries soaked with strawberry liqueur, and Kalamansi. Pour the jasmine soup until cover all ingredients. Spread the tapioca pearls and nasturtium sauce. Place 2 pieces of nasturtium leaves and gently place the elderflower ice in middle. Put begonia flower on top of ice.