Serves 4


Nukadoko fermented vegetables

3kg nukadoko rice bran

8 green asparagus

8 white asparagus

3 cherry tomatoes

10g snap peas

10g green peas


Garlic and honey sauce

220g black garlic

130g honey

30ml chidorizu vinegar

20ml rice oil

10ml sesame oil

black sesame seeds

Soy milk yogurt sauce

300g soy milk yogurt

300ml soy milk

3g malt sugar

60ml lactic acid bacteria


To serve

mesclun leaf

garden nasturtium

viola flowers


Nukadoko fermented vegetables

Boil the asparagus and peas in salted water. Soak the tomatoes in boiling water and peel. Place the asparagus, peas and peeled tomatoes into the Nukadoko rice bran and leave to ferment. After an hour, remove the vegetables from the rice bran and clean with water.

Garlic and honey sauce

Mash the black garlic and mix it with the honey, Chidorizu vinegar, rice oil, sesame oil and black sesame seeds to make a sauce.

Soy milk yogurt sauce

Mix the soy milk yoghurt, soy milk, malt sugar, lactic acid bacteria and salt together and ferment for 4-6 hours. Once it begins to solidify, transfer it into the fridge and continue to ferment.

To serve

Once the soy milk yoghurt sauce has reached a preferred level of sourness, remove from the fridge and spread across a plate, along with the garlic and honey sauce. Top with the fermented vegetables and decorate with the mesclun leaf, garden nasturtium and viola flowers.

Photography bySergio Coimbra