Leek mix

20 pcs Baby leeks

20g Cured Goose

4 Garlic cloves


200ml Chicken stock

1 tbsp. Olive oil

100ml Cream


Pasta dough

500 g flour

4 Whole eggs

8g Salt

QS Parsley puree for coloring

Olive oil


Egg yolk dressing

15 whole eggs


Onion foam

10 white onions

2 liters whole farm milk

250 gr heavy cream


Buckwheat tuille

40 gr Melted butter

120ml water

20 gr buckwheat flour

QS Salt & Pepper

½ tbsp. squid ink



8 Pcs Langoustine


To serve

Buckwheat seed

Chopped chives




Leek mix

Infuse garlic and thyme into chicken stock 1 hour. Burnt leeks on the grill then chopped it. Cook with olive oil until soft then pour cream and reduce, add chicken stock and goose sliced and reduce until dry. Check seasoning. Cool down and use to stuff raviolis.


Pasta dough

Mix flour and eggs, add seasoning à keep in the chiller 1 hour before use. Use pasta machine to make pasta àfrom 8mm to 1mm. Use a cutter of 4 cm and 5 cm. Spread a bit of water around the 4cm pasta disk, put on the middle a leek mix, then cover with a 5cm pasta disk and squeeze all around with your fingers to close properly. (Cook 2 minutes in boiling salty water when serving)


Egg yolk dressing

Cook whole egg water at 64 degrees during 1 hour 35 minutes. Cool down, remove yolk and mix with pepper and salt until smooth paste. Keep into a Piping bag



Onion foam

Burn onions in 18O degrees oven. Remove skin and infuse into the milk during 2 hours. Cook inside of onions with cream, add salt pepper and cook 1 hour, mix. Combine infused strained milk and cream mix, rectify seasoning, emulsify to order.



Buckwheat tuille

Mix all together and make tuile in non-stick pan.




Heat a pan with canola oil then color langoustine each faces 2 minutes, serve immediately.