North Sea crab

2 North Sea crabs


Crab liver cream

2 scallops

20g crab liver

20g crab meat

10g crab protein


Crab salad

250g crab meat

Crab liver cream

Japanese mayonnaise





Crab bisque

1 crab with legs

40ml white wine

10ml vieux

10ml Nouilly prat

20ml Cognac

50ml Napolitano

10g Carrot

10g shallots

10g onion

1 clove

20g white leek

1 stalk parsley

1 bay leaf

1 sprig of thyme

15g celery

2 white peppercorns

1 stalk tarragon

1tsp tabasco

Soy oil



100g potato starch

50g flour

Splash of sparkling water

5g baking powder


Lacquered beignet

10 crab arms (5g per piece)


Crab lacquer

Lime zest


Smoked avocado

2 avocados

5g Antioxidant (sosa)

100ml water


Oil (valdorama)



North Sea crab

Kill the crab by tapping it on the head with a hammer. Remove the scissors. Save 1 crab with legs for bisque and 1 Crab with legs for creating the crab liver cream. Boil water and cook the crab claws with arms. Remove the pan from the heat and leave for 4 minutes. Then remove and cool down. Break off the scissors by using a hammer. Use the arms for the beignet and the scissors to make the salad. Check for shells.


Crab liver cream

Steam the crab at 68C for 1 hour. Remove the liver (brownish part), the crab meat and protein (white). Clean the scallops and use the meat. Mix everything together in a thermo blender. Store in a piping bags.


Crab salad

Use all the ingredients to give extra flavour to the crab meat. Store in piping bags.


Crab bisque

Remove the inside and chop it in the food processor. Chop the legs and the shell of the crab and all the vegetables. Bake the crab. Make sure it doesn’t stick to the frying pan. When the crab turns golden brown, add the vegetables. Bake together and add the Napolitano. Deglaze with all the alcohol and flambé. Add all the spices and cover with water. Let everything simmer and infuse for 30 minutes. Pass the broth through a fine cloth. Reduce until desired flavour is reached.


Crab flaze

Add potato starch until a nice thick sauce appears.


Crab bisque jelly

Ratio is 2g gelatin to 330ml bisque. Preheat the bisque. Put the gelatin in cold water. Stir the gelatin into the bisque and sieve it once. Fill the small bombe silly with the bisque.



Mix the potato starch, flour, baking powder and the sparkling water until you get a batter.


Lacquered beignet

Add the tempura and deep fry the crab at 175C until the meat is crispy. Heat the lacquer in a pan and dip the beignet until it’s completely lacquered. Add flavour with some lime zest.


Smoked avocado

Mix the antioxidant and water. Halve the avocados and remove the pit and peel. Put foil on a plate and brush with antioxidant. Slice the avocado with a slicing machine (position 0.5) and place two slices next to each other, overlay at the end and a line down. They should connect. Also brush the top with antioxidant and cover with foil. Cut them à la minute with cutter 6 and press them with cutter 5. Brush the avocado à la minute in smoke oil and sprinkle a little piment d’Espelette on it.


To serve

Put the bisque jelly into a bowl. Use cutter 3 and fill the cutter 2/3 with crab salad. Place the avocado sticks on top (cutter 6). Combined with foil, use cutter 5. Grease in smoke oil and sprinkle some piment d’Espelette. Place the beignet on a fork and place on top of the crab with avocado. Finish with a Chinese flower on top of the beignet.