Serves 4


Veal loin wrapped in nori

4 4oz pieces of veal loin

4 sheets of nori

2oz extra virgin olive oil

Salt to taste

Veal sweetbreads

8oz veal sweetbreads

2 qts fortified veal stock

¼ C potato starch

2T wondra flour

Salt to taste

4 quarts grapeseed oil

Sautéed black trumpet mushrooms

4 oz black trumpets

1 shallot

½ lemon

2 oz extra virgin olive oil

Black trumpet mushroom puree

3 C black trumpet mushrooms

2T unsalted Butter

¼ C grapeseed oil

3 C mushroom stock

1 shallot, finely diced

2 sprigs thyme

¼ C brandy

Salt roasted heirloom beets

4 large Beets

Salt to cover


Nori-wrapped Veal Loin

Portion veal into cylinders, removing any silver skin.Lightly salt and brush with a light amount of extra virgin olive oil.Wrap with nori, roll in plastic wrap tightly, reserve.Repeat until all 4 loins are wrapped.Vacuum seal the loins.Cook in a temperature controlled water bath at 65 degrees C for 15 minutes.If not using right away, place into an ice bath and chill.To serve, roll the roulades over a grill to toast the nori, slice and serve.

Veal Sweetbreads

Heat 2 quarts of fortified veal stock.Remove tendons and fat from sweetbreads, separating the flesh.Season sweetbreads with salt and reserve in a bowl, pour the stock over the sweetbreads and quickly wrap the bowl in plastic wrap.Allow the sweetbreads to cool in the bowl.Remove sweetbreads from the cooled stock.Mix together the potato starch and wondra flour and coat the sweetbreads for frying.Pre-heat grapeseed oil to 200C, and fry sweetbreads for 1 minute or until crispy.

Salt Roasted Beets

Wash the beets and gently pat dry. In a 200C pre-heated oven place the beets covered in salt inside.Cook till tender, roughly 1 hour, remove from oven and let cool in salt.Remove beets and peel off skin, reserve.Slice into ¼ inch rounds and trim off excessive flesh with a ring cutter.

Black Trumpet Mushrooms

Brush the flesh of the mushrooms to get rid of any surface dirt.In a sauté pan over medium heat, add oil, bruniose of shallots and mushrooms. Let the mushrooms cook till tender.Squeeze juice of lemon over and season.

Black Trumpet Mushroom Puree

Add black trumpet mushrooms and shallots to a gently heated sauce pot and sauté in butter and oil. Stew the mushrooms down and deglaze with brandy and boil down by half. Add mushroom stock and thyme and continue to cook the mushrooms down till tender. Puree contents of pot in a blender till mixture is smooth and completely emulsified. Adjust seasoning.

To serve

Brush the trumpet puree onto the plate, clockwise from 12 to 6.Place the 3 beets onto the puree, alternate placing black trumpets in different directions.The veal loin can be plated in 2 separate pieces with the sweetbreads added for texture.Garnish with beet leaves.Serve.