Squid and potatoes ravioli with tomato sauce and smoked provola cheese cream

Serves 4

Fresh pasta



2 eggs


Squid sauce

600gsquid, cut into 5mm cubes

1clove of garlic, brunoise style

1 shallot onion

Chilli, optional

30ml white wine

150gtomato sauce

300g par boiledpotatoes, cut in cubes

Tomato sauce

25gsmall onions, cut brunoise style

1/2 clove of garlic

10 basil leaves

Oregano and salt

300gtomato puree

50g‘frisella’ with fennel

Purple potatopuree

200gpeeled purple potatoes

5gcoarse salt


20gextra virgin oil

20ml milk

1 lemon peel

Smoked provola cheese cream

1l cream 35 %

500gsmoked provola



Fresh pasta

Knee all ingredientsadding yolks little by little. Let it rest for 20 minutes in the fridge covered.

Squid sauce

Brown garlic, chilliand shallot in little olive oil.Add squid and wet with white wine.Let the squid dry and cover with the tomato puree.

Filling of squid and potatoes

Add 330 gr of boiled potatoes to the squid sauce, fresh oregano, salt and pepper.

Tomato sauce

Stir fry garlic, oil and fresh oregano, add tomato puree, add salt and let it cook for 5 minutes.At the end stir the crumbled frisella and let it cook for around 3 minutes. Let the sauce thicken.

Purple potatopuree

Peel potatoes and vacuum cook them. Once done thensieve them. Boil milk and lemon beforeadding the milk and blending the puree with cold butter, oil and salt.

Smoked provola cheese cream

Lightly cook cream untilit’s reduced by half. Add the provola and let it cook for around 15 minutes. Allow it to infuse30 minutes before straining with achinoise. Keep chilled until use.

To serve

Pour the provola cream onthe bottom of aplate.Dot with 5helpings oftomato sauce,4 cones of purple potatoes puree,4 rings of squid browned in a pan with garlic and thyme. Cook ravioli in salted water and blend with butter, crushed garlic, thyme and lemon. Serve on the tomatosauce together with juices flowers and mixed herbs.


Crackling suckling pig with chilliapricot confit, and sweet and sour beetroot

Marinade forthe pig

3 pepper corns

5 cardamompods

1 star anise

1 tspcoriander powder

15gfine salt

3 bay leaves

25ggrated ginger

200ml grape seedoil

Cream of celery and turnip

1l milk

600gcelery and turnip

Salt and pepper, to taste

Sweet and sour beetroot

20 beetroot cubes

40graspberry vinegar



1gagar agar

Brunoise of celery and turnip, to taste


Marinade & suckling pig

Whisk the spices with oil and leave it to infuse for 4 hours at 60 degrees in the alto shaam.Sieve the mixtureand divide the pig into parts.For the thighsand shoulders | Thighs at 65 degrees for 60 minutes, shoulder at 65 degrees for 45 minutes.Let the thigh cool down and dice in 5cm cuts.Heat a generous amount of oil and fry the meat on the skin until golden brown. Finish them offin the oven for 6 minutes.Scorch the meat on the side of the skin with garlic and thyme. Bastewith rest of the pig marinadein salamander.Repeat the basting procedure2 to 3 times.

To serve

Plate according to image with suckling pig nestled on top of the sweet and sour beetroot, cream of celery and turnip and the chilli confit apricots.


Coffee affogato with mou sauce and smoked chocolate ice cream

Espresso coffee

Hazelnut ganache


265gmilk chocolate

265ghazelnut praline 55%


400ghalf whipped cream

Creamy chocolate

140gmilk chocolate

125gwhite chocolate

50ghazelnut paste

Mou sauce





Smoked chocolate icecream

600gwhole milk

75gsemi skimmed milk

60gegg yolk

100gchocolate 70%






Milk foam


1g lecithin

To garnish

Fresh mint

Toasted hazelnuts

Crumbled biscuit with salt flakes


Hazelnut ganache

Bring the milk to a low simmer.Melt the chocolate and blend it with the hazelnut paste.Blend the milk with the chocolate and inside melt the isinglass which was soaked earlier.Let it cool and whip the half whipped cream.

Creamy chocolate

Temper the milk chocolate and put it at the bottom of a stainless steal mold.Bring the white chocolate to 29C.Bring the hazelnut paste to 20C.Blend the two sauces together and pour them on the solidified chocolate you poured in the mold earlier.

Mou sauce

Bring cream and glucose to the boil.Caramelize the sugar and blend the cream and the glucose.As it cools down add the butter

Smoked chocolate icecream

Beat sugar and yolks.Melt the chocolate in a bain marie.Bring everything to the boil except the chocolate. Bring the temperature up to82C. Then allow to cool down to around 50C beforeadding the chocolate.Stir well and put it in the ‘mantecatrice’.