My Life in Dishes | Michael Riemenschneider

17 Oct 2014
2 min read
The Swiss chef behind London’s latest fine dining restaurant, CANVAS, tells FOUR all about his life in dishes…

Scallops with Cauliflower, Juniper, & Caramel

This is my signature dish, which has accompanied me since the start of CANVAS. This is one of my favourite traditional pairings as the sweetness of both the Scallop and Cauliflower really complement each other. The cauliflower is one of the most humble ingredients, and as a chef I think it’s important to show what you can do with even the simplest of ingredients. In this dish we serve the cauliflower in 21 different ways, including a black powder made from the stem, an oil from the outer green leaves and a cauliflower caramel — to name but three!

Langoustine with Pearl Barley, Veal & Jus Crustace

This is another dish that CANVAS has become famous for. We source the best langoustine from the west coast of Scotland, which are then poached in their own sea water from which we make a salted caramel. This matched with the pearl barley, which is cooked for 86 hours with the veal cheek, head and tongue creates the perfect balance between sweetness and saltiness. I love this dish with a glass of Blanc Fume de Pouilly 2008, by Didier Dagueneau.

Lamb Roast & Stewed with Porridge & Olives

To me, this dish highlights the importance of having the best suppliers. As a result of high quality meat I am able to showcase different cuts of Lancashire lamb. From the saddle, to the neck, crumble and belly, I roast and stew various cuts then serve it with slow-cooked porridge. The aim is to let the quality of natural flavours do the talking. I would suggest this dish sat by the fire with a glass of Reserve de la Comtesse 2009, from the Pauillac region of Bordeaux.

Beetroot & Raspberry Cake with Raspberry, Chocolate & Basil

This is one of my favourite ‘guilty pleasure’ dishes. I put it on menu from late summer to early autumn when beetroot is in season and to me it’s the perfect end to a meal. The light flavours of the beetroot and raspberry are enhanced by the chocolate and sweet basil and the cake itself, being flourless, is light so no matter how many courses you’ve already had, there’s always room for a slice!

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